02 noviembre 2006

Ay, me duele tanto!

Today....school. Fome, of course. I did absolutely nada. Nada. NADA. Well, I took a nap in gym. That was productive. What can I say? My head was pounding and I was exhausted, and that mat looked oh-so-comfortable. Oh well.
After school Freja and I took a colectivo to el centro and went Christmas shopping. Yes! I got everything, I think. Minus one thing, which I don't know what it is yet, but I know I need one more thing for someone. How sketchy....
It was a good time. I got my hair braided....kind of. It's not really a braid, well, it starts off as a braid, but there's lke, string around it, and some beads. It's very Chilean. And very cool. Me gusta.
Also got a purse. Yay purses!
I left with almost all of my Rotary allowance, and came back with just over $8.000 of it. Not bad, I suppose.
Tomorrow....belly dancing!!! and then Saturday morning, I think Freja and I are going to take a bus to Guanaqueros for our class paseo. Yay! It starts Friday, but we already paid for the belly dancing class.....unless there's a bus that leaves at like, 10 to Guanaqueros. Oh well.
Not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow. I hope...no. But that I'll still be able to go to class. My throat is all red and ultra sore, and my head won't stop pounding. And I'm tired. And....my shoulders hurt! ¡Me duele el cuerpo! Urgh. I swear, I have never been as sick as often as I have been in Chile. And annoyed too! Freja's the same way...sometimes we just get randomly angry at people, over stupid things. Most often it's, "Stop speaking Spanish!!!!!!" but, alas, they can't. Oh well.
anyhoo. gotta go sleep and such.
chao pescado

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