15 noviembre 2006

It's the little things.....

Today. I did nothing productive. But, yesterday I took a test en lenguaje, and I think I did okay on it! yaaay! And it was my classes class, so it was a higher level. Today....nada en biologia. Italiano, didn't happen. The tutoring Freja and I have was the best I think. We had té and pan and talked about a bunch of stuff....like health and education here, en EEUU, and dinamarca. Then Freja and I didn't go to filosofia electivo, so we stayed and had some more tea and talked about random thoughts. We managed to escape early today too! woot!
Came home and worked on the lenguaje proyecto....que fome. But...I think we're done, so that's good. Had té and got to talk a lot with mamá and la Maggie, mamá's friend from Calama.
I realized today that while big things like travelling and the south tour are going to be great memories, it's the little things I think I'll remember and miss the most. Like planning to escape out the window in our skirts with Freja, or learning to dance merengue and salsa in Gabi's room after té. Or just the little jokes that are starting to form with my host family. I was afraid it would never happen, but since I'm able to express myself better, I'm finally starting to get my sense of humor back. Not the sarcasm since they don't understand that, but I'm not so dull anymore. I would say I now understand somewhere near 90% or more of what's said. It's actually like people are speaking English to me at times, I forget that it's Spanish because I just...understand. I don't have to translate, I just know.
But...the price of learning a new language is that I'm losing my own. My spelling is horrible and I'm forgetting more and more words each day. Also, I use Spanish grammar now(house white, I have hunger, etc.). I can't wait to speak more Spanish this summer though. Freja and I speak too much English, and we know that. But at the same time, it's so hard to speak Spanish in front of our classmates. We didn't get placed in the best school to make friends, they kind of don't care, and a lot of times giggle at us when we speak or mimic us.
Oh well. Because I got a 4 on a test, while a boy in my class got a 2. So there. I don't even speak Spanish. Stupidheads.
We'll see. When we're not around our classmates, Freja and I speak more Spanish, so it's all good.
16 days till orientation/south tour!!!! I'm excited! I bought a sweater and hat yesterday at Recova made from alpaca wool(maybe? is that what it's called) for when I meet the penguins. I'm pumped!
besitos a todos!
y familia en EEUU....buena suerte mañana! Cuidense en irlanda!!! Les quiero mucho!

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