16 noviembre 2006


Oh, today.
Got my grades for lenguaje thus far. 6.1, 6.0, and 5.0. Out of 7. Not bad! Did lots of nothing in school. Slept in the shade with Freja. That was nice.
Solved a crisis of massive proportions last night at about 1:30 am here. But....everything's settled now, so it's all good.
FINALLY heard from Rotary about the south tour. Supposedly..there's a problem with the travel agency, so orientation and south tour are postponed until January-ish. I'm kind of wicked bummed...but trying to look on the brightside. I have more time to tan, practice Spanish, buy things I need for meeting penguins, and work on my talent and presentation.
Today in gym Freja and I learned how to dance the cueca. Again, I direct you to youtube.com if you haven't yet seen this amazingly cool traditional Chilean dance. Freja was the man because she wants to wear a hat if we use it as our talent. It was fun....we used toilet paper as peñuelas, the napkin things they use. I love the music....I'm def. making myself a Cueca playlist on my iPod. Oh, Chile. I heart you oh so much.
Tomorrow....school(lenguaje prueba!!!I'm scared), mall/el centro, bellydancing, sleep. Saturday there's some school thing and my class is dancing hip hop for the whole school. That'll be...interesting. Afterwards I'm getting my haircut at last! And then Freja and I are going to take sun in the patio of my house. I'm quite excited. We're very determined to be nice and tan by the time orientation rolls around. Seeing as we'll be representing La Serena, the city with nice beaches, we feel we should be tan. And so...we will. If only I wasn't nearly transparent in my paleness.
I apologize if this post didn't make sense. Today was a bad language day. Every time I opened my mouth, it was a mixture of Spanish and English. I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating this is. Anyhoo. I'm off to update my iPod and then sleeeep! Por fin!
besitos a todos!

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