26 abril 2007

Nothing extremely special

Not much has been going on. ATM card stopped working for who knows why. Counselor will be helping me out until I can get a new card. Blegh. Atleast I have him though....I love my Rotary club.
Coming up on two months exactly left in Chile. This next anniversary, nine months, is the last one the La Serena Girls will have together...Jenny from Finland leaves at the end of May.
My birthday is coming up...two weeks till I'm 17.
It's crazy and slightly scary how fast this year is coming to an end; how fast it's flown by. I always knew it would, I suppose, and yet somehow part of me didn't think it would. I can still look back at the beginning of my exchange and I feel like somehow those were the longest days of my life.
It's crazy to look back on myself then.....I was a whole other person. Slightly crazy, all over the place, always talking and moving around, trying to see and experience everything I could.....I've grown up a lot and calmed down and shut up. I see more now than I ever did before, I think. I've learned to be quiet and observe. I'm really introverted. Mauricio told me once that I remind him of a gazelle. Big eyes, just sitting and watching everything around me in complete silence.
That's right parents. Silence. Kelsey's learned how to be silent this year.
It'll be interesting to see how things end up when I get back....how the new Kelsey will mesh with the environment of Old Kelsey. We'll see.
Some photos, in the meantime.
My host family(Mauricio, me, Ignacio, mamá, y papá):
A scan...me with Ele on her birthday:

And finally....a sky shot. I took this Monday morning as I was getting ready for school.

20 abril 2007

A week.

So....a week has passed(ish) since my last post.
and let me tell you.
absolutely nothing has gone down in that time.
school is....boring.
Today in school, we had a test in gym and we had to run for 25 minutes without stopping, and atleast 8 vueltas(I can't remember the word in English, I'm sorry). I passed with a 7,0(the highest grade) and ran 10....that's 4 km, or 2.5 miles.
Went to la Recova with Freja to buy some things. We met something like 10 gringos! All from the states, mostly California. It was really cool. me gustó. I didn't end up buying anything though(although I desperately need to because the end of my year is rapidly closing in on me...), because today seems to be a day when my ATM card won't work. It's happened before...no matter where I go, I can NOT take out money. Not even mil peso...I don't understand why, but it should be better tomorrow.
still, I hate technology.
Freja's coming over tonight to watch movies.
It's weird. Almost 9 months into my exchange, and I'm still discovering so much about this culture. I really feel like I understand it more. In the beginning, it's easy to see what's different when it comes to appearances and weather and such, but now I feel like I really understand how Chileans think and are(for the most part, erm. kind of). And talking about it with Freja has made me realize just how much this culture has actually affected me.
Like the...classism(?) that exists here. I really didn't see it at the beginning, but I do now. And the way I think about people in other classes is different....I never even noticed it happening. And from an American point of view, how I think is bad and wrong, but from a Chilean point of view, it's fine. I didn't even realize how I thought until it somehow came up in a conversation with Freja. It's just....weird. I don't think there's such a division between classes in the US as there is here. Here I'm obviously in the mid-higher class, and it's just....obvious. I guess that's changed how I think too...but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not yet.
And the other thing. In the US, on the streets, you know how if you make eye contact with someone, you just....smile, or say hi? Well, I was talking with my host family about how Chileans really aren't as warm as they all think, and used that as an example. And I found myself thinking(about what we do in the US) why on EARTH would you do that? When people have said hi to my friends while I'm here with thme, I always think, "Do they know each other?", and it always turns out that they do, because I think you'd be crazy to say hi otherwise. Even people who work at stores, like you just...don't do that. In colectivos, yes, occasionally(like me and my colectivo driver friend! He brought me home today for the 7th-ish time...and when we see each other we smile and wave, and he's very nice! jeje) but for the most part...no. And I've just gotten used to it....I don't make eye contact with people on the street unless they're staring or doing rude things towards me, in which case I stare them down(or sometimes yell. oops).
I don't know....it's just weird. In the beginning of my exchange, it was fairly obvious that I had changed, but now, not so much. I don't feel any different, and I guess it's because I've gotten so used to the changes....I don't think it'll be obvious until I get home.
Also, it's weird to think about going home and seeing people and not doing the cheek-kissing thing. With the Americans today, they shook my hand, and I just felt uncomfortable. And it comes off as rude when someone doesn't kiss my cheek when we see each other or when someone leaves, even if they're foreign. It's just...strange.
I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or weird grammar. Now I'm better, towards the end of the entry, but at the beginning, I was thinking in Spanish, and EVERY word came to mind first in Spanish, so it was kind of...difficult. I suppose that's a good sign though!
chao chao!

15 abril 2007


So last night. I was just chilling, checking mail and such, when the phone rings and oh guess what, I have a Rotary meeting in like, an hour.
But I'm wicked skilled now and managed to get ready with time left over. Anyhoo.....a new guy was being....erm I'veforgottentheword into the club, so that's why.
Here are some fotosss:
My entire club:

Me and Alyssa(we're the only two with Coquimbo, she's Canadian):
Me and my counselor(who doesn't noramlly look like that, but was talking, jaja):

And last but not least, me with the club president:
That's all for now!

12 abril 2007


Thank you parents!!!!
Mamá(and everyone else, but mostly her) likes the peanut butter cups, and Ignacio LOVES the Peeps. I hid them in my closet so he wouldn't eat them all, hahaha. And I'm def. enjoying the magazines, although at first it was somehow actually hard to read them...? Hurrah for thinking in Spanish! I actually had to read some sentences twice(which is happening A LOT now lately in English) because I just didn't....get it the first time. go figure.

04 abril 2007

¡Feliz Ocho meses!

So today.....is my eight month anniversary of being in Chile! Hurrah!
And honestly, I had gotten to the point where life was kind of....blah. And I really didn't feel like I was accomplishing much here anymore.
BUT. All of that changed yesterday. In a matter of hours!
My counselor came by my house and told me that he had gotten an informe from main Rotary in Villa Alemana about how we did on the Spanish test during the orientation....and apparently....I'm one of the best speakers of the exchangers! He said my Spanish is farther ahead than the others....? (I think that's how you'd translate it....)
and then later...I was talking with Mauricio and he told me that I don't have a gringo accent. I don't have a Chilean accent, but I'm somewhere in the middle, which is better! Also, I said the word "puta" without even realizing it. The word actually means something along the lines of whore or bitch, buuuut is often put at the beginning of sentences(or you could use a nicer version of pucha). And somehow, I added it to the beginning of my sentence, and didn't realize it. Mauricio just said: "That was really Chilean!" and I didn't even know why until he repeated what I said. Caraaaziness!
So what else is new? I get out of school tomorrow at 12:30 and don't have school Friday, annnnd that's about it. Easter's coming up, but apparently my host family doesn't do ANYTHING, so it's a bit depressing, but I can handle it.
annnnnd that's about it.
que fome,¿eh?

01 abril 2007


Here are some fotos of last night's 10 pm asado:
Ignacio blowing bubbles:

Mamá y Ele making pebre.
Papá cooking.
My host family dancing:
Churi pan con pebre: bread with churrasco(chouriço?), tomatoes, onions, a bit of pepper, cilantro(?),and some lemon juice, I LOVE this stuff: