04 abril 2007

¡Feliz Ocho meses!

So today.....is my eight month anniversary of being in Chile! Hurrah!
And honestly, I had gotten to the point where life was kind of....blah. And I really didn't feel like I was accomplishing much here anymore.
BUT. All of that changed yesterday. In a matter of hours!
My counselor came by my house and told me that he had gotten an informe from main Rotary in Villa Alemana about how we did on the Spanish test during the orientation....and apparently....I'm one of the best speakers of the exchangers! He said my Spanish is farther ahead than the others....? (I think that's how you'd translate it....)
and then later...I was talking with Mauricio and he told me that I don't have a gringo accent. I don't have a Chilean accent, but I'm somewhere in the middle, which is better! Also, I said the word "puta" without even realizing it. The word actually means something along the lines of whore or bitch, buuuut is often put at the beginning of sentences(or you could use a nicer version of pucha). And somehow, I added it to the beginning of my sentence, and didn't realize it. Mauricio just said: "That was really Chilean!" and I didn't even know why until he repeated what I said. Caraaaziness!
So what else is new? I get out of school tomorrow at 12:30 and don't have school Friday, annnnd that's about it. Easter's coming up, but apparently my host family doesn't do ANYTHING, so it's a bit depressing, but I can handle it.
annnnnd that's about it.
que fome,¿eh?

3 comentarios:

Lura L dijo...

I'm glad things got better! You're blog has been so much help for me in my decision to go for a year to chile! Thanks so much!

Anónimo dijo...

Ola Amiga,
¿Como estas alla? Espero q todo esta bien. Te extraño! Felicidades con tu español. cuando estamos en EE.UU. otra vez tenemos q continuar de hablar! Cuando vas a regresar?? Yo solo tengo 8 semanas mas aqui!! Que loco!!
Te kiero un chingo y cuidate mucho,

Anónimo dijo...

Mi curso tiene una prueba de ingles ;)