26 abril 2007

Nothing extremely special

Not much has been going on. ATM card stopped working for who knows why. Counselor will be helping me out until I can get a new card. Blegh. Atleast I have him though....I love my Rotary club.
Coming up on two months exactly left in Chile. This next anniversary, nine months, is the last one the La Serena Girls will have together...Jenny from Finland leaves at the end of May.
My birthday is coming up...two weeks till I'm 17.
It's crazy and slightly scary how fast this year is coming to an end; how fast it's flown by. I always knew it would, I suppose, and yet somehow part of me didn't think it would. I can still look back at the beginning of my exchange and I feel like somehow those were the longest days of my life.
It's crazy to look back on myself then.....I was a whole other person. Slightly crazy, all over the place, always talking and moving around, trying to see and experience everything I could.....I've grown up a lot and calmed down and shut up. I see more now than I ever did before, I think. I've learned to be quiet and observe. I'm really introverted. Mauricio told me once that I remind him of a gazelle. Big eyes, just sitting and watching everything around me in complete silence.
That's right parents. Silence. Kelsey's learned how to be silent this year.
It'll be interesting to see how things end up when I get back....how the new Kelsey will mesh with the environment of Old Kelsey. We'll see.
Some photos, in the meantime.
My host family(Mauricio, me, Ignacio, mamá, y papá):
A scan...me with Ele on her birthday:

And finally....a sky shot. I took this Monday morning as I was getting ready for school.

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