08 mayo 2007

In other news....

So. It's been a bit, and yet, nothing of much interest has happened. I did my presentation for my Rotary club, and must say, I was amazing. haha
The La Serena girls have just celebrated nine months together! We're going out for pizza probably this Thursday to celebrate celebrate. It's our last anniversary together....Jenny from Finland goes home the 28th, and then the rest of us leave....it's actually really sad.
School...nothing special. This Friday is Día del Alumno....or something of the sort. Basically a day of nothing. But, no gym, so that's special. ALSO. In case somehow you've forgotten or simply didn't know...Friday is also MY BIRTHDAY. :D It's quite exciting....and I can't wait to celebrate. With my host family, with the exchangers, and then at night with the exchangers again and two girls from my class, and possibly an Argentinian I met in January...who's coming back this weekend just for my birthday(what can I say? I'm easy to fall in love with...).
Then...the next weekend is Maureen's birthday....but also THE ORIENTATION. Yes, that's right, orientation is back on! I'm wicked excited...esp. to get out of Serena. I love it here, but when you've been here for awhile....gah, it gets quite fome.
anyhoo....I'm off for tea time!
chao chao

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