15 abril 2007


So last night. I was just chilling, checking mail and such, when the phone rings and oh guess what, I have a Rotary meeting in like, an hour.
But I'm wicked skilled now and managed to get ready with time left over. Anyhoo.....a new guy was being....erm I'veforgottentheword into the club, so that's why.
Here are some fotosss:
My entire club:

Me and Alyssa(we're the only two with Coquimbo, she's Canadian):
Me and my counselor(who doesn't noramlly look like that, but was talking, jaja):

And last but not least, me with the club president:
That's all for now!

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Ki dijo...

Keeeeeeeeeeelsey! :)) I found your blogspot ;P I watched ur posts about the south-trip. Really great, and I love the videos! Recien Freja me dijo que Jobanni escribio un mail en que sale que la orientación va a ser el principio de Julio, casi todos de nosotros ya se fueron en esa fecha de Chile :'( I'll be here till 16th July. Oooh, imaginate, in exactly 3 month I'll be up there, in air, Brasil or something like that.. and I don't wanna leave this country with its people. Naja... igual, espero que y ojala nos vemos todos no-se-cuando, proonto! muuuxos besitos, Ki