07 noviembre 2006

I'm cured!

Just stopping by to let you all know that I have been magically healed through the modern day magic known as prescribed antibiotics.
Also that I am slightly bored out of my mind. How bored are you, Kelsey? you might ask. Well, I'll tell you.
As of yesterday, I had 440 words written on my NaNo which I am slightly attempting this year. Right now I have....10.451 words.
Yes. That, my friends, is boredom.
One more day! woot!
Also...I woke up today to discover that mamá's friend, Maggie has magically appeared at our house for an unknown(to me anyway) amount of time. I love that I'm told these things. I wish they would tell me when people show up, because it's slightly disorienting to wake up and find a woman you haven't seen since you first arrived standing in your kitchen talking really fast and asking if you understand.
Ah well. I'm listening to reggaeton, so it's all good now. Also, teaching myself the guitar. I figured I'd do something useful while I'm home. Yay learning!
Also, here's an absolutely horrible picture of Freja and I being vampires in my kitchen with candy corn sent from home. And no, I'm not drugged, despite how I may appear. haha. Sorry it's so bad, but it's the most recent picture I have, actually. I don't take my camera to parties.

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John dijo...

Candy Corn is horrendous... throw it out- and fast!