18 noviembre 2006


Oh, hoy día.
Woke up ridiculously early(10 of 9) and got ready in about 30 minutes(padres, can you believe that???!!!) then went to school to dance. It was pretty cool....but there was a big gap in front of Freja and I so everyone could see us. Woohoo.
Afterwards I found out that I have to go the photo studio to buy my school picture. The last time he came to sell them at school, I was sick, so he didn't have any more copies. Oh well. Walked home. In normal clothes. Oh boy. Some guy decided to yell to us, proclaiming his love for blondes and me. I swore at him in English, but he kept saying how he liked me so I finally said, "Callate huevon!" which is Spanish for shut up...asshole? maybe. Oh well. Sometimes the men here just get to me. oops. I would say that today was the worst it has been. I was waved at, kissed at, yelled at, stared at, and clapped at. All in the 2.5 miles from my school to my house. Urgh. I was also followed home by a German Shepard. He was cute. Oh well. It's actually gotten worse for me as time has gone by, as far as having attention drawn to me. I hate being a blonde. Gar.
Yesterday Freja and I went to el centro and el mall. When we were getting out of the colectivo at the Recova, we saw GRINGOS! With giant backpacks...could they be more obvious? We saw another couple later on that must have been gringos....you can just tell. It's amazing. We just have a look to us, I suppose. Met two German girls in the mall, from Munich, studying at the U. of La Serena for 6 months. Our Gringo-Hunting game isn't going so well. It's kind of awkward approaching people. We usually see them, then follow close behind, listening to see what language they speak. Haha, we're so creepy. But...it keeps us occupied.
In school the cuarto kids graduated and it was sad. Everyone was crying, and Freja and I got sad because it made us think of home and they were also our first friends, so it's sad to see them leave. But....we couldn't be sad for long. We had a prueba en lenguaje. I think I did pretty welll...maybe? We had to write a fable. Mine was about a beaver named Alfonso, haha.
I bought a belly dancing scarf thing. yay! And when I came home and showed it to mamá(who tried it on and shook her hips, haha), Maggie said she'd make Freja and I the rest of an outfit for orientation. Yay! It'll be amazzzzing. I'm excited.
Belly dancing was fun like woah. I understand more, and last night all the girls were just...nicer. I think it's better now that we all know each other, so we're friendlier. It's a great class. I like it.
And today. I'm meeting Freja at the mall at 2:30 to get our haircut at 3. I'm excited! But terrified....I hope I can say how I want it....*gulp* Afterwards, we're going to el centro to pick up material for Maggie to make the outfit, and then to our school's event at Sundance(a disco). We'll take sun tomorrow I think. yay! I'm excited. Summer is almostalmost here....it's sunny almost every day!
andddd that's all I spose. Oh! I had a dream in another language last night....I had absolutely no idea what happened....I think it was spanish, but with a little bit of Portuguese thrown in? Dont' ask...the only Portuguese I hear is in songs and a movie my class watched the other day(and I knew what was going on! By reading subtitles!). Weird. Extraño.

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