27 noviembre 2006

Que fome.

So. I'm in school. ha. big surprise, eh? Why on Earth would I have nothing to do? haha
Turns out that end of the year testing starts today, so I'm done with school. But there's these presentacions in the 5th grade class I teach....they're doing recipes in English....with FOOD. and what kind of exchange student would I be to turn down food, right? So Freja and I came for that...and then we'll try and get out of here. I'll update a bit later...I'm taking pictures todayyy haha It's been awhile since I've done that.
Also, from now on, please excuse any nonsensical spellings I may...spell? Or ridiculous things I say that make no sense. My English is disappearing before my eyes, which is slightly terrifying and utterly hilarious at once. ¿How can someone forget their mother tongue?
Ah, well.
chao pescado
so. We escaped from school. I'm not entirely sure if we were supposed to, but what little of our class was leaving...so we left too. Haha, oops.
Piccasss....me and Freja....the fifth grade class we teach...and us again, showing love to Alcide de Gasperi. Also: VIDEO!!!

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