05 noviembre 2006

My Chilean Doctor Experience

So....change of plans. I was listening to music, attempting to make myself fall asleep when my host mom came into my room, said she was worried about me, and was taking me to a clinic because waiting until tomorrow was not a good idea(and since it's Sunday, the doctor's isn't opened). Okay, then.
I pulled out my insurance stuff and the packet you gave me, mom. But everything was in English, and it was hard to explain. Mamá tried calling my counselor, who didn't answer(which pissed her off) and Freja's host dad since he knows a lot of doctors, but he didn't answer either. So we just went to the clinic. I wasn't allowed to shower though, because if I did, then I would catch pneumonia, apparently.
Mamá y Elle, my host grandmother went with me. They made me wear a winter coat, even though I was already really hot(apparently fevers do that to you...?). I told them I was hot, but they said that was because I was sick, had a fever, and if I took the coat off, I would catch pneumonia. So I just sat in the car, in my coat, wicked hot, to the clinic.
You have to take a number, like a deli or something. Taking numbers is very popular here in Chile. At the doctors, at the pharmacy, at the deli, etc. Everywhere you go, you have to take a number. Anyway. I was finally called and the nurse somewhat butchered my name, but that's okay because everyone does. Mamá was really helpful in telling her what was going on because my Spanish isn't too good to begin with, but with my throat swollen to the size of Texas, I'm even harder to understand. It's also kind of hard to breathe. Oh well.
The doctor came in, felt my neck(I have a weird lump on the back of my neck that appeared Friday or yesterday, I'm not sure). Looked at my throat and diagnosed me as being infected by bacteria! dun dun dunnn! I was kind of let down actually, like, that's it? You're not going to do anything more? Just look at my throat? How can you be sure that's what it is? You didn't even do a strep test when I have all the symptoms of strep! And my throat's the size of Texas!!!!! Oh well.....
He wrote a prescription and we went to the pharmacy to pick it up. I have to take some pill thing once a day for like, 6 days, and 400 mgs of Ibuprofen every 8 hours for my fever...? I don't know. I'm not contagious though, so that's good. But in lots of pain. It kind of feels like I'm swallowing daggers every time I swallow. And also....I can't go back to school until Thursday. Do you realize how boring that's going to be?? I have nothing to do here. I'm going to die of boredom. URGH. I can only sleep for so long, and it's not like I can eat anything. I'm on a liquid diet of water and apple juice, and if I drink any more apple juice...asdflkañsdf. Just the smell makes me want to puke right now. It's all I've had for the past three days. Well, I had some mashed potatoes, but even that hurt, so no food for me. Wahoo.
So there's my story. I'm a bit disappointed that the doctor only noticed my throat, and not my head, stomach, or vomitting. But...I guess we'll see if these antibiotics cure me first. Which they better, because I can't afford to be sick right now. I have a talent to work on for the orientation in December, not to mention a presentation I have yet to start. GAR.
and that's all for today.

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