10 noviembre 2006

El Fin de Semana

Hoy día. Que...fome. But...not so much. didn't really do much. I got my grade back on my language test from a while ago....a 6.1!!! Out of a scale of 7, that's reallyyy good. Especially for me!! yay!
There was a bit of a water balloon fight in school. Freja and I tried to take part, but kind of missed our chance. At the end of the day though, she threw the water balloon at someone's back....but it didn't break, and everyone went, "FREJA!" and then....the principal was there, so we just left. haha, oops.
We were walking on the street, and this....bulldozer? somethingorother for construction pulls up with this guy in it, handing us a yellow rose. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking, because that's how I treat men now, but Freja took it. So we walked away, discussing what we would do with it.
We took a colectivo to el centro, and decided that our colectivo driver needed some company and that he was very nice(he really was!) so we gave him the rose. He was very nice....especially when we were stopped at a red light and some piggish men started clapping and whistling at us. Ew. The rose incident has inspired me to be nice to others. One day I'm going to buy flowers and walk around, giving them to random people. Chileans don't smile enough.
We met some gringos at el centro! We saw them getting a drawing of them done(the ones where everything's exaggerated, can't remember the name) and....they just looked like gringos. So Freja and I played our newest game, Gringo Hunting. They were from...Texas and South or North Carolina. They said 'yall. good times were had.
Found a ....somethingorother for belly dancing at the mall....I'll be going back to buy one. Yay! Por fin! Went to belly dancing...I need a massage. My shoulders are killing me.
Took a colectivo home. We were just driving along, when the driver turned to me and asked if I was German. "No." Australian? "No". Oh. Estados Unidos. People tend to ask me if I'm German first, actually. At least lately anyway. Huh.
Anyway. I missed té and I'm starrrrving, so I'm off to eat some food. Nothing tonight because I'm pooped, but mañana.....partyyy. Just me and Freja I think, out to dance, because Jenny seems to have what I had last weekend. Ouch.

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