28 noviembre 2006

Are these better, padre?

Today, Freja, yo, y el papá de Freja we went to a town called Ovalle...about an hour away. It was quite exciting. Freja and I wandered around while her dad worked....I bought a tank top and a skirt and took pictures and videos. We went to a giant lake thing. It was windy. We were semi-attacked by a man with a red eye who kept telling us we were princesses and pretty and asking if we had money, and he was really close, and then I said we had to go, and we ran away. jaja....Oh, Chile. Anyhoo. Pictures and videos. Woohoo!

We saw GRINGAS!!! REAL LIVE GRINGAS! But they were pesada and didn't say hi. They were probably Germans, we decided....haha.
This is on the bridge/damn/somethingorother. As you can see, we are very educated(I think I ask where we are in all of these videos...)

And....at the end of the day(there are more videos...on my youtube page....estoyenchile)

(that last video might not work because youtube is being an idiot, sorry)
Have a nice day, todos!
(oh, and this is me and Freja...shortly before we were attacked by the red eye man), and on the bridge. I don't know what I'm doing with my arm.

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