02 diciembre 2006

This is short. Eff why eye.

Just stopping by to show you my new fave piece of clothing(next to that hawt Rotary blazer, of course). Bought it with Freja the other day. Nothing new here....chilling at home...still no Christmas decorating as of yet(holy chipmunks it's December now, isn't it??!!). Saw a movie, The Guardian, in English....not bad. I recommend it, if it's still showing at a theater near you, that is. Anyhoo, onto the scandyy pic.
Found this shirt in Ripley, and it was pretty much the only non-sexual one there. Oh, Chileans. They have this weird thing about buying shirts in English even though none of them know what it means. I saw one that said this(and yes, the spelling mistake is on purpose) "The world is pretty ammazing ago." yeah, I don't get it either.
p.s. Parents! Can we arrange a chat soon? It's been awhile.
and others! Yes, that means you! Wanna leave me some lovin' in the form of a comment? ¿por fa? I feel like I'm talking(er, posting) to a brick wall...

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