22 diciembre 2006

So This Is What I've Been Up To:

Sorry I've been away quite awhile.
Last week...I don't recall which day. Wednesday, maybe? Went to Ovalle con Freja y Maureen....twas fun. We got the urge to get pierced during the day, but were to lazy to see if there was a good place in Ovalle, so when we got back to La Serena, we went to El Centro, where we knew there were two tattoo/piercing places. We checked them both out and asked about prices. One place was $10.000 each ear, the other was $8.000. We were leaning towards the cheaper place, but I didn't like it. I checked them both out thouroughly, parents, saw the autoclave and such, asked questions. The paco were in the cheap place, one of them offered to pierce my ear with his gun, holding out a bullet to my ear, haha. But...I declined. He showed me the tattoo on his arm though. They were nice. Both places had someone who spoke English, but we ended up going to the more expensive place. It just was nicer. The guy continually asked if we had questions, and made sure we knew what was going on and such, and it just looked cleaner. Plus, the name is Monkys. How could we not? haha....I went first since Freja and Maureen dubbed me "the brave one" because I was way excited to get a hole poked in me again, haha.
This place was awesome. Better than where I got my cartilage done in the US....cleaner and more professional, and a lot friendlier. The girl who pierced me is named Natalia...way nice with loads of tattoos and piercings herself. She understood most English, but couldn't speak it, but the other guy was right there if we needed him, so it was all good. I saw her clean down the place and disinfect everything(plus, we watched two tongue piercings and one bellybutton beforehand so we saw how they worked). She opened the needle in front of me, so I could see it was new....told me what was going on and what to do(the place in the US didn't at all...I really had no idea what was going on). It was a prick, and that was all. I talked with the guy afterwards and asked(out of curiousity about my freakish slightly tied tongue) if it was physically possible to pierce it, and turns out it is! Hurrah! He suggested I get that and not my ears, since all piercings there cost the same($10.000 pesos, about $20 US) but I didn't. Oh well. haha And now I have my second holes! Hurrah!
We went back the other day with Maureen to get her ears pierced too(the first hole) for the third time. I def. love this place....so much for that stereotype that South America's way dirty, right?
Mauricio came home. I went out with him two nights ago..him and two of his guy friends. It wasn't awkward at all though....I can actually take part in their conversations and I feel more at their level maturity wise. Chilean boys my age just like to light things on fire. haha
Freja slept over last night and hung out in Mauricio's room(Gabi's room) and watched TV, played cards, and listened to him play guitar. The cable in my room is mysteriously not working, so we had to watch TV in there. Except DVDs....we watched Hide And Seek in my room...gahhh scary! haha Freja and I finished up some Christmas shopping today...but I've run out of paper so I have two presents left and I'm set for Christmas!
No new pictures(Maureen has a pic of me getting my ears pierced though) yet, but Christmas is coming, so there should be some then! Hurrah!

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