24 diciembre 2006

Just Stopping By.

Just stopping by to say: ¡Feliz Navidad!
or here it's ¡Feliz Pascua! which actually means Happy Easter. Mauricio told me something about Chileans getting confused and saying that.
I'm not actually sure.
Pictures soon!
I promise.
But...I actually have a life here now.
soooo...it's kind of hectic and busy.
and such.
chao chao.

3 comentarios:

Mom dijo...

Merry Christmas Kelsey! We love and miss you - Mom, Dad, John and Mae

Mrs. Landry dijo...

Hi Kelsey! We hope you have a very happy Christmas. We're all thinking about you and miss you.

The Landrys

sam!! dijo...

hey kels!!

soo.. i have yet to send you your xmas present... so... that will happen soon.

anndddd.. what's your messenger name thing on msn?? i downloaded it today and can't figure out what your name might be.. although it should show up with your email, right?

anyhoo. i love you and miss you!!