03 diciembre 2006

¡Deck the Halls!

So...today. I am real exhausted lately...I'm not sure why. But...I slept until just after 2, which is slightly late for me(usually it's one. woohoo!) Anyhoo. Woke up, and went to take a shower, and see that my host family is getting the Christmas tree out and ready. Hurrah! So I hurried up and got ready, and was fairly excited, despite the fact that "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" was stuck in my head, which reminded me of Christmas back home. *le sigh*
Decorated the tree......it was quite fun. And I took pictures! Hurrah! They'll be up on my Yahoo site today(http://photos.yahoo.com/ksitter9). And some video!
It's different here....real different. A fake tree for one thing, but I'm excited nonetheless. I have a stocking hanging on my door, and I'm going to put up the Christmas lights you sent me, madre, later. I'm pumped. And I was able to share what it's like back at home(aka, we all fight. And one year John filled his room with multi-colored lights and played surf music. hahaha). Anyhoo, onto the goodies:

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sam dijo...

oh gosh kelsey. i absolutely adore you.

i have yet to send your christmas present... which i suppose i should do because apparently it takes FOREVER to get down there. and we MUST arrange to chat on webcam sometime. not like mine's set up or anything.. and not like i can sign into msn messenger or whatever you crazy chileans have down there.. but w/e. we'll make it work :)

anyhoo.. just stopping in to say that i loooveee you more than a billion orange gummy bears and i'm always thinking of you and reading your blog constantly.. but usually in the morning, which would explain why i don't leave messages.. cause i'd miss the bus :)

anyway. longer than it should be.

i looveee you!!!