10 diciembre 2006

"Estamos libre"

So....for those of you who don't tune into the news, or incase this didn't even make the news.....former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet died today. I got an email from...someone who's email address is at the state.gov site(leading me to believe I got an email from the government itself....p.s. how do they know I'm here again?) warning me about demonstrations in the Santiago area. People have been drinking wine and champagne and dancing to celebrate saying things like "Estamos libre!" which means "We're free!". My host parents are kind of eh about it. I mean, they talked about what happened when he was president and how crazy people were getting over his death(and the Colo-Colo fútbol game) but said no matter how horrible he was, his death shouldn't be celebrated.
I knew I liked them for a reason.
So...otherwise, nothing new. I only regret that I wasn't placed closer to Santiago or in the city itself so I could see it first hand(now there's an experience!) and bring you some exciting pictures. Oh well. For now, I rely on news reports, because I can actually understand them(hurrah!)
An exchanger from Los Andes came up to La Serena for the weekend. We saw a movie together. It was really nice...just the two of us though, but I got to know her better than I did at the orientation. My host parents tonight suggested contacting an exchange student in another town...they could come here for a week, I could go there for a week, together. I didn't know that was possible, but now that they've suggested it, I guess I'll look into it. I guess they can see I'm getting slightly bored here. But I'm so tired lately it's all I can do to wander zombie-like around the house. I don't really have the motivation to go out lately, even though I'm sleeping something like 12 hours a night. Ah, well.
Was reading my Exchange Student Handbook today, and realized that I've barely had any of the....things(don't know the word any more haha) they say all exchange students should have. No culture shock, no real homesickness, I'm actually really excited for the holidays, not depressed. Huh. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. i suppose good, seeing as it means I've settled here really well, but still. The only thing that's bothered me since day one is the fact that I'm now introverted and have a hard time initiating or keeping up a conversation. Gar.
Anyhoo. besitossss

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