07 diciembre 2006

I Hate Water.

So today. Was fun.
Minus getting up ridiculously early, aka about 9 am.
Anyhoo. Counselor picked me up, we went to Happy Land, which is this arcade type place where Alyssa and I were given cards(instead of coins) by the Rotarians and told to go off and play with the kids from the poor school Rotary was hanging out with all day. It was quite fun and I learned that I absolutely suck at driving and should never be given the license to anything. Atleast.....I suck at video game driving(those poor, poor onlookers....)
Then, Alyssa and I went with the club president to Coquimbo to go on a boat tour(the kids were on the bus). It was cool....and he talked to me. But only me, and I felt kind of bad for Alyssa....but at the same time, I think maybe she has a hard time understanding people....? I don't know. Anyhoo. Boat tour. 'Twas fun, even though a kid behind us threw up and the guy giving the tour decided he would speak to us ONLY in English(us being me and Alyssa)....which made me want to die. Because I'm not here to speak English. Thank you for assuming that I don't even understand your language while I was clearly listening to you talk about Coquimbo's first prison or that new school on the rocks or those stinky sea lions.
We saw sea lions, by the way.
Then....lunch at the club. Alyssa and I rode on the bus with the kids and spoke English since they laughed at us in a cruel-ish way when we spoke Spanish, and seem oddly intrigued by our English, and all leaned in closely to listen. They seemed amazed by my hair too(one girl later caught me off guard by randomly touching it. Yes....this color hair really does exist outside of Hollywood....)
After lunch we went to HomeCenter....which is this big store. We went to the pet part and got to see some pretty cool critters....and I held a tarantula! Yes, I, Kelsey Edwards, the girl who will not sleep in the room if there's a spider present and runs screaming at the sight of a Daddy Long Legs, held a tarantula. In my hand. Crazy. Sure, I was kind of shaky, but it wasn't all that scary. And I'm quite proud of myself for doing it too! I think my subconscious was telling me I was ready to....I had a weird dream last night involving giant bugs taking over the yard, haha.
Anyhoo. A good time was had by all and I got some great pics, some new friends and some awesome videos. Hurrah! Now, on to the goodies:
Fotos: Alyssa holding the spider(LOVE her face in this one) and me holding the spider. Then video of my counselor...doing something....(I think he was trying to say "How was the boat tour?" without words) and some random fun on the boat tour(during some rocky waves. And also, a message in French for dad from Alyssa). Chaoito! besitos a todos!

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