12 diciembre 2006

Cookie Day!

So yesterday.
Freja and I met up at the mall and wandered a bit, before heading over to Jumbo to buy materials for our Christmas Cookie Making Extravaganza! We didn't know the words for cookie cutter or sprinkles, so we had to ask for help by pointing to pictures on the cookie mix box we were buying. BUT. During our cookie cutter confusion crisis, an American woman stepped in and helped! She was from Las Vegas originally, but had been living in Chile for six years! Craziness! anyhoo, she helped us find some cookie cutters, and we were off. Came home, took tea....and played cards.
We played a lot of cards. We weren't tired at all, so we continued to play cards. We had a bit of an outside dance party when the sun started coming up, and sat and played solitaire in the kitchen until my host dad came in to get his lunch box and head off to work. We said hello, and then wandered zombie-like to my bed room where we promptly collapsed.
Slept till 3 today....had some food and went online to read our palms. My life line says I have a lot of health problems. Hurrah! Then....the cookie making began.
It was quite fun, and only took about an hour and a half-two hours. It was exciting. We ate some while we were decorating, but the ones that survived totalled 98. Not bad.
And tomorrow is...Gringa Meetup! Aka all the La Serena girls are getting together. Hurrah!

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Hey, no go right ahead add me.

Anónimo dijo...

I MISS COOKIES. I just felt the need to share that lovely piece of information..jajajaja