24 noviembre 2006

A Nature Attack!

So...it turns out that today is actually the last day of classes....? No estoy segura. Bueno. Nothing happened for the first four classes or so. Then.....Freja and I were standing outside talking during one of the breaks, when I see a group of people coming, wearing trashbags....and I think, Dub tee eff....is this a fisica experiment? And then....this red....smoke starts coming at us....so apparently I grabbed Freja's arm and we both went screaming and running into the nearest classroom with a few other people, thinking we'd be safe. I ran in, all the way to the back, and thought. Damn. There's a wall here with nothing to protect me. Well, there was a cabinet, but I didn't have the key, or the time, so I figured if I could just....stand there? I looked to the door and saw more people running, and then....people in the doorway with the red smoke and then two girls appeared on either side of me, one had a jacket that we hid under until we figured it was safe to reappear. It was horrible....I felt like sneezing, was afraid to have my eyes open, and was having not such an easy time breathing. So I kind of booked it out of that classroom, which was now pretty much completely red. EVERYTHING was red. Got outside....everyone was reemerging and crowded looking at the wall that leads to the farm next door, where cuarto, the grade above us, who are graduating tonight, was gathered, jumping over the wall, making their escape. I found Freja, who wasn't all that red, just in some spots. We checked our stuff, which was thankfully in the back of my classroom, which wasn't sprayed too badly, and none of it was red(minus a bit at the bottom). Went back outside....cuarto was coming back at us with water balloons, but were thankfully stopped by the head honchos of Scuola Italiana. Then they disappeared over the wall, warning us that this was only the beginning.
Well. Some beginning. They ruined people's things. Clothes, backpacks, anything cloth is ruined. I think it was a fire extinguisher, but with red dye in it....but it doesn't come out of clothes. And is really bad to breathe in. They punched a girl in the other class too, just because they don't like her. They don't like us. I don't know why. I thinkthinkthink the police came today and just....stood guard, but I don't know. Rumor has it they'll be there next week too. No one really feels safe anymore(in tercero anyway). I've lost all respect for everyone involved. How stupid can you be? The stuff was toxic(? toxico...?). They're just.....stupid. And pardon my French, but utter assholes. And absolutely crazy. Ah well. I am slightly pissed off though. Even though I somehow survived the attack with nothing but (most likely) slightly red lungs. My clothes ended up fine.
Watched Poseidon instead of going to art class.....and drank some tea with Freja. And then Freja broke the tea glass(it was the music teachers), but school was over so we just picked up the pieces and left, haha.
Now.....I'm home. Going out in a teensy bit to buy my host dad a present(his birthday is tomorrow) and then to bellydancing. I think I'm mailing my package mañana. Por fin. i haven't had any time lately. Anyhoo. So that was my day, being attacked by the pyschotic cuarto medios. Stupidheads.

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