25 noviembre 2006

A Continuación: weirdness.

Last night followed the trend of weirdness. Got to Freja's house at around 10:30. The plan was to spend the night. We went to Barrio Ingles. Went to one disco called Mr.X....there was some thing there for the university and a lot of people were dressed up for whoknowswhy. Freja and I made friends with the people at the table next to ours and hung out with them all night. Turns out one of the girls is my neighbor of sorts.
Hung out today, before leaving to go back to my house. It's my host dad's birthday, but by the time I got home, I had missed lunch. oops. I meant to take a colectivo home, but I there weren't any of my number, so I just started....walking. I really had no idea where I was and only a general idea of where I was going(which was straight haha), but I ended up safely at home about 45 minutes later. I'm guessing Freja lives the same distance from my house as the distance from school to my house, 2.5 miles. Good exercise, I say.
I think Freja and I pretty much decided not to go out tonight. we were going to, but we're tired. So we're chilling at home instead.. And that. Was my Chilean weekend.

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