13 noviembre 2006


Saturday....went out with Freja, Natalia(her host sister), and Nata's friends Moreno, Niko, y Richard. We went to some party first, where Freja and I had a good time being stared at and speaking Spanish. and then to Barrio Ingles. Went to a disco. Was stared at some more. Always a good time.
Nothing of much interest...just....disco-ness. Some guy was bleeding pretty badly when we left.
Nata ended up in her ex boyfriend's car, so Freja, me , and Richard were waiting on some deserted road for her and Freja and I got out and walked around. Well....i thought where I was walking was just dirt. But no.
It was a mud puddle.
A deep one.
My sneakers are ruined and my pants have mud up their knees. Thankfully I was sleeping over Freja's, so my stuff was in the back and I was able to change my pants. Ha. I felt like such a dork.
Sunday.....Freja and I went on a walk. Ate lunch. Went to the movie theater. We saw The Jacket with Adrian Brody. GOOD movie, for serious, watch it. Took a colectivo home. Most awkward colectivo ride of my life. The guy in the passenger seat, I think he was in cahoots with the driver...they both looked at me creepily when I got in, but the passenger guy would turn around and STARE at me for minutes at a time, while I would just...awkwardly look out the window and pretend it wasn't happening. GRR Chilean men.
Today...school. Nothing. Took sun with Freja. Slightly burned my face because I fell asleep. Oh well. I WILL BE SO TAN. Just you wait. Found out that in March a boy from New Zealand's coming, to La Serena and Scuola Italiana! Woohooo! That's exciting.
And....nothing more. Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm, but I'm highly. Tengo sueño. Lo siento.

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