19 noviembre 2006

I'm fairly hardcore.

So yesterday.
Went to get my haircut at the mall with Freja. Just over $6.000.....that's around $12/$13 US!!!! Craziness! I was utterly terrified....but I managed to explain what I wanted pretty much....and I really like my new hair! Yay! Afterwards Freja came to my house where we showed off our new hair....mamá was slightly upset(maybe?) that we went to the mall....she said it's expensive and that next time, we should go to her hairdresser....which costs $4.000. Yup, that's right....$8.00 US.
Went and picked up my allowance with Freja y mamá, so I am no longer slightly poor. Afterwards, Maggie, mamá, Freja y yo went to el centro to buy fabric and such for the belly dancing outfit. WELL. That was interesting. Freja and I were both in skirts....which may have been a slight mistake. We def. got a lot of stares and comments from pretty every man who walked by. I think mamá was slightly surprised at how bad it can actually be. One guy walked by and said, "Hola cositas." which she said meant something along the lines of "Hola bonitas" but it must have been rude because she stopped walking and just stared at him. Evilly. The guy with him asked if she wanted to buy something from him and she just....stared and said NO and kept walking. It was pretty funny. Some street vendor said that we were princesses and then he said "mira, mira mira!" which means look. Psh. Stupid men.
La Maggie is leaving today :( She's going to have her friend help her with the bellydancing outfit in Calama, since she bellydances and makes outfits too. It's fairly exciting.
Went to Sundance last night at about 12. Met up with some friends and hung outside for a bit. They didn't want to enter, but Freja and I had bought entradas already, so we went by ourselves and danced until about 3:25, when we went outside and mamá picked us up. It was fun....we danced on the stage and such. And all my classmates really liked my hair. yay!
Today Freja and I were going to take sun, but we didn't have time since we slept till 3. Oops. Oh well. We will soon. SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!11!exclamationpoint!!1one!!1!!
today....movies maybe? No sé.
P.S This is me....giving besitos.....in my $12 hair cut. Hurrah!

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