21 noviembre 2006

Gringo Meetup

Okay. So....Sunday. Freja and I went to the movies, to see El Gran Truco...the Great Trick maybe? It was good. Anyway...we were going to walk through the mall when it got out, to go catch colectivos when I saw Maureen, the other American, standing by a stall outside. So we go over to say hi and discover that Alyssa, the Canadian, is there too. We're talking, and all of a sudden, this group of light haired people, who i had seen out of the corner of my eye but chosen to ignore, comes over and this girl says, "Are you guys with Rotary?" They were from Talca, four Americans and a German, on the North Tour with tons of exchangers in the Santiago district....all of whom were inside the mall. Maureen and Alyssa had to go since their ride was there, but Freja and I went inside the mall to say hi to the other gringos. It was crazy...there were so many of them....and there were so many countries! Germany, US, Canada, Holland, Brazil, Bolivia, Hungary, and more! We only have US, Finland, Canada, Denmark, and Belgium. Que fome. So anyhoo....got some cards, exchanged some numbers...it was a good time. Crazy random. Like, what are the chances? If I hadn't seen Maureen, who hadn't been standing by the stall of those five random gringos, it never would have happened. Crazy how things work like that.
We left at a little bit past 10....saw a guy being arrested in the parking lot, some kid was being dragged off by security while the guy was being pinned down by three guys yelling "Suelteme! ¡Conchatumadre!" Slightly amusing, but still kind of blegh. Welcome to La Serena, huh? Actually....I think Chile as a whole is really safe. I really don't think there's a whole lot of crime as far as rapes and murders. Lots of robbings though, which is why everyone has these giant walls and fences around their houses. It'll be weird to go back to the US and not see that, since when I see a house without it now I always think something along the lines of "What? Are they stupid?"
Gave a presentation in Spanish yesterday. It went...okay. I kept tripping over my own words though. Even though I'm dreaming more in Spanish, these past couple of days my thoughts have been hardcore English and it's harder to speak than normal.
Overslept today, so I didn't go to school. Mamá overslept too though, haha oops. Went back to the clinic to get the insurance thing filled out. In otherwords, I had an exciting day.
Oh. But I found out yesterday about the end of the year exams. Starting next Wednesday, every day is just testing, but Freja and I don't have to do it....which means that I'm officially DONE with school next Wednesday! Yessss I'm pumped like you would not believe. I can't wait for summer!!!!!

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