31 octubre 2006

Too much candy corn hurts my stomach.

Oh, today.
Is Halloween.
School fue fome. Freja's still sick, so it looks like she won't be going out tonight, and our movie fest has been postponed until....no sé cuando. We'll find a day though.
We taught the fifth grade again today...I got to talk about Halloween in the US, which, surprisingly made me really happy, not sad like I expected it would. It sounds stupid but I felt really cool and kind of proud of my country for once. I honestly really didn't realize that I had a culture until I came here and saw all the differences. For me, it had always seemed like the US was just a blend of cultures(which it is) but that I didn't really have one. But...I do.
There was a dog in school today, the cutest little puppy I have ever seen. I named him Snoop Dogg, but by the end of the day his name was Chipi. He followed Freja and I up to the store where we stopped and bought ice cream(we were celebrating Halloween, obviously). We gave him the left over food from lunch, and he came when we called him. He's a good dog. I wish I could have brought him home. :(
Came home and was chilling on the computer, checking email and such when my mamá was just like, "I'm going to get Ignacio, by the way there's a package for you."(but in Spanish, of course).
Oh. Em. Gee. I was so excited!!!! I was afraid the package wouldn't come for today...but it did!! And now I'm eating candy corn....I think I went over the top....candy corn is only good in moderation, haha, oops. Oh well. I'm still extremely excited to have gotten my package and plan on reading the magazines while listening to the CDs and eating candy after hanging the pictures on my wall.
Día de Solamente Español kind of crashed and burned, but we did speak a lot more Spanish(well, I did anyway). And I am speaking a lot faster...I don't have to think as much, I can just speak and actually say the right things. It's exciting! Plus, Freja and I realize how close December/orientation/South Tour is, so we're really working hard on our Spanish now. ¡Por fin!
Anyhoo. I'm off to enjoy my presents....I don't know what the plan is tonight. NOT going to Sundance because....well, it's fome. I might ask Jenny if we can go out to Barrio Ingles, or I might go to a classmates party. No sé.
Vamos a ver.

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