12 octubre 2006


So today.....was a somewhat useful day. Actually, I dont' think that's the word, butttt I can't remember the word, so that will have to do. First class was the class that Freja and I switched to, Spanish with 7th grade. Oh boy! We felt kind of really awkward at first, but...for the first time, I actually learned something in school here. Which was exciting.
Then....we went to help teach English with the kindergarteners. We just ended up drawing with them(some computer thing wouldn't work) but that was fun. I got gifts from them....a frost flake and purple Fruit Loop, plus a drawing that a girl named Consuelo made. It was a good time. They were all so cute! And one girl hugged me. awww que lindo! There was one girl I especially like, Augustina. She seemed to understand that Freja and I didn't understand(they talk really fast!!), and would slow down and rephrase things for us. She seemed really smart.
Then we went and taught the 6th graders. Except, we mostly just sat and observed. The English teacher....eh. Her English isn't all that good. But the kids spoke and wrote pretty well for being in 5th grade. While we were sitting there, I felt my chair start moving, and I looked over at the wall and actually saw the room moving!! It was crazy! A crazy long temblor...the longest and strongest I've felt here so far. We all left the room and stood outside for a couple minutes before we were sure it was over, and then went back inside. It was crazy cool though, not scary at all. Bakan.
In gym we're practicing for a performance somewhere around November 18th, a dance. There's a salsa group and a hip hop group. I wanted to do salsa, but didn't have a partner, so I'm doing hip hop. And....my iPod saved the day when we needed a song, and guess who has some good hip hop dance music on her iPod(yeah that's right, gringa saves the day!).
And then....I walked home. I walked to school this morning too....which is amazingly good, because that means I walked atleast, most likely more than, two miles. I'm not sure how far away my school is, but it takes me a good 30-40 minutes to walk there...I'm guesstimating atleast a mile, but I'm not sure. And I think I walk pretty fast. Oh well. Tomorrow I think I'm going for a run in the morning, and walking to school since I think Ignacio's still sick(which is why mamá can't drive me), and then walking home. And then going outtt...yessss. There's an event at a disco, so it's 16 plus again. And I think I'm going out Saturday too. I'm doing something with a boy in cuarto, Alejandro, but I don't know what. People here are real last minute. Oh well.

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Anónimo dijo...

all my school does for gym is volleyball
1 day it was «acrobatics»
i didnt enjoy that though...

lol your gym class is so south american im giggling to myself.

(ps. a verificação de palavras(i dont know how it knows im in portugal...or how it speaks portuguese...) is pahkd.
cant wait to stealth roll like it's my job.