25 octubre 2006

Picture Day!

Oh, today. Woke up about an hour late, that's always fun. Buttt...I managed to make it to school only slightly late. And because I'm me and ultra special, instead of having some book signed to tell my parents that I was late, the inspector general just told me to be on time tomorrow. Score!
Today was picture day! Oh joy! I don't have the weird blazer, shirt, or tie I needed...but I borrowed the blazer and tie, and you couldn't tell I didn't have the right shirt on. It was a good time. I was watching Freja's class have their picture taken, anddd while they were getting ready for their goofy picture, the photographer, of course, was drawn to me and came over to talk.
I hate. Chilean men. Well, the creepy ones. Which are far too....I can't remember the word. But....they're everywhere. This one decided that he would practice his English on me. Oh well.
I had my class picture taken too....I got to sit in front, woot! (and I totally popped my collar on the goofy pic. Represent.)Afterwards.....well, my class kind of drifted off to the volleyball tournament that seems to be taking place in my school(teams from like,Curico and what not! it's pretty hardcore), so Freja and I asked the photographer if he could take a picture of us, because, we're exchange students, and best friends, and he did it for some other girls in cuarto.
Yeah, uh, big mistake.
This guy was creepy. He wanted us to like, smile at the sky? jaja, and it was just....weird. And he asked us if we had Chilean lovers???!! He meant boyfriends, but his english was horrible and Freja and I just kind of "........" and awkwardly tried to escape. But we survived. And realized that we need to stop getting ourselves into ridiculous situations. Like getting into strangers cars(okay, so it was a teacher, but I didn't know that and Freja didn't tell me. oops) or answering a guy who was trying to sell us his puppy on the street.
But. We're good. We're okay. We're making memories!
The rest of the school day was a complete waste of time. My entire class decided to try and skip Linguaje, so I tagged along. We ran away from the classroom and into the gym. And it worked for about 15 minutes or so until one of the school's head honcho guys came and told us to go back. Oops. Didn't go to Italian(she said I could leave). So Freja and I sat around and came up with 50 reasons why Ecuador sucks. We're a bit bummed about her exchange friends who have summer weather and three houses and cell phones. so to make ourselves feel better, we came up with 50 reasons why our country choice is better than there's, our number one reason being that they eat hamsters or guinea pigs, or whatever. And also we have manjar.
Couldn't leave school early because apparently we're not *that* special anymore, which sucks a lot, but we'll figure out a way to escape somehow. We have Italian lessons with the principal, but he's somewhat unreliable in actually showing up, which leaves us wandering around the school aimlessly for the last hour and a half. Que fome.
And now. I'm watching Dane Cook. Woot!
This weekend....it would appear that I am going out with 5 other exchangers in the La Serena/Coquimbo area(including one girl with AFS who's been here for a looong time) to party. yay partying! Then....for Halloween....there's a carrete that night since there's no school the next day, so Freja and I will go to that, then chill the next day, eating candy and watching scary movies. Yes!
And....that's my update for today.
¿Wasn't that exciting?

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