02 octubre 2006

I don't know, It's a mystery

So....this morning, my cell phone was mysteriously unplugged from the charger and turned off(and a picture on my wall was moved, um....dub tee eff), so mamá had to wake me up since I overslept a bit. Oops.
School. Grr. I was all pumped to take an English test, knowing I'd finally have a grade, and a good one at that, so I sat in my desk, pen all ready, and my teacher comes up to me and says, "The students are taking a test, so you should go to the library." Yay boredom....?
Math, I actually understood. It was the Pythagorean(m?) theorem, hooray for geometry last year! Had a meeting with Freja and the principal, entirely in Spanish. We're having our schedules rearranged. We'll be going to a lower level for Spanish and Italian, having one hour Spanish tutoring every week, and teaching English to younger kids(8/9 years old). woohoo!
After school, Freja and I walked down the scary highway(which still scares me when it comes time to cross it), and took a colectivo to el centro. We did some shopping. 'Twas fun. I bought a pair of jeans and a new wallet. I was soooo tempted to buy a shirt that said, "Are you looking at me?" because, well, it just seemed right, but it was kind of....gaudy? looking, so I didn't. We went to the place(forgot the name. Again) with traditionaly Chilean stuff. I got some more postcards for my wall. It's my newest collection/obsession. Postcards of everyplace I've been.
Tonight was a lot better as far as feeling like a foreigner. Wearing our uniform out helps, because Freja and I look more like we belong here, although we still got some stares. This one guy turned around and looked at us, then walked into someone. Haha
I tried a Chilean...thing. Cuchufly(fli?). It was really good...I'm not entirely sure what it was, but it included chocolate and manjar, and I liked it.
When I called mamá to pick us up, she was at the peluqueria(I forgot the English word) with Ignacio getting his hair cut, so she told me to take a colectivo home. Which shocked me, considering she's always said it's dangerous at night and doesn't really want me taking them. But....filo. I like taking colectivos....it makes me feel independent.
Freja's number came first(the colectivos are numbered according to where they drive) so I was alone for a few minutes, while I figured out which number I was. Some driver told me, even though I kind of already knew. Oh well. Never hurts to be positive. So I took a colectivo home all by myself!!! yaaaaay! It was exciting, I felt quite independent, which I liked!
And now.....nada. There's an aerobics thing tomorrow after school that Freja and I are gonig to do, yay? We'll see.....I'm not much of an aerobics person. I like running better, but I'm a bit scared to ask mamá if I can. I will soon though, because I miss being able to run, and I'm sure if I could, I'd actually wake up on Saturday mornings(as opposed to 3 pm....oops) Anyhoo.

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mom dijo...

Hey Kelsey! Shopping in Chile sounds fun! What is a collective? Taxi? By the way, we'll have to talk about going to NY by train with Freja. Remember, this is the US! Love you! Mom