01 octubre 2006

Why yes, I do kiss emus

Oh, fin de semana....
Friday night I did nothing at all, only slept. Woohoo! Saturday....went to el centro con Freja. We did some shopping. I bought some little things like toothpaste, and Seventeen magazine....in Spanish! Go me! It was quite fun. We were with Freja's cousin, María Lucía, so we had to speak Spanish the whole time. Oh well. It's pretty much necessary, and my Spanish is somehow magically not horrible?
Freja slept over. We had tea and such con mi familia. Papá went out, and Freja, yo y mamá sat at the table and talked. Until midnight, apparently. It was really really nice. All in Spanish, of course, about a variety of things. It's strange how it's suddenly possible. I remember not too long ago, mamá, papá, y mis abuelos would sit and talk after dinner, and I could only sit and listen, and try to understand. And now I'm the one talking after dinner too. It's weird because I don't know when or how it happened. But...me gusta. It's weird to be able to think that I can actually understand and make myself understood in this language.
We had some helado and watched most of Seven, but passed out sometime early this morning. Freja said I talked in my sleep the whole night, mostly in English, but a little in Spanish too. Woohoo!!!
We woke up at around 10:30, when Freja's mamá called and said they were coming at 11. They were going to lunch at a friends house outside of La Serena, and I was invited. So we quickly got ready, and left to her house to get all the food and such ready. Lots of meat, vegetables, wine, and soda. Not to mention towels and such since there was a pool at the house. The house was giant. I mean....giant! I counted 5 bedrooms. There was a waterfountain inside too!! It'll be a bit of a shock for me to go back to the US, when now, big houses just seem so....unnecessary to me. I see them now and think, "Why on Earth would you need that much space?" It's like people in the US are trying to distance themselves from their families almost, by making more space between them, and filling their houses with unnecessary junk. A small house is just fine, there's def. enough space for everyone. Anyhoo. Enough blabbering.
The guy who owned the house was a classmate of Freja's papá back in high school. They owned 20 full grown emus, and a lot more baby ones(which we got to see....que lindo!) Freja and I played cards for a bit, had a giant lunch, and then we got to go and see the emus. Up close. We got to actually go into the corral where they were. Lots of pictures were taken(I, of course, forgot my camera, but Freja's going to send them to me, don't worry). We got to pet emus!!! We also attempted to ride them, but they were kind of scared and would duck away, make a funny sound, and run off. Oh well.
Freja and I went on a walk for a bit and sat in a bus stop. Played more cards. Were oddly, hit on(maybe?) by her dad's friend. This guy was creepy. He kept telling us how beautiful we are, and how much he cared about us, that we're always welcome to go swimming there come summer, and he kept touching me. Putting his hands on my shoulders or back, and he grabbed my arm a couple of times. After he had a few drinks, when we left, he gave us hugs and kisses on the cheek. It was both oddly entertaining(porque él estaba curado) and creepy at the same time. We both agreed we'd rather not go back this summer, unless we were together and with an adult. At all times, haha.
And now....I'm home. Home sweet home, haha. P.S. Padres en Estados Unidos.....I have a webcam...por fa, email me so we can set up a time to talk? That goes for anyone, actualmente.
Anyhoo. Colegio mañana, and then Freja and I are taking a colectivo to the centro to shop and walk and such. We're also going to check out the gym this week, and we're checking another dance school about belly dancing lessons since one of the school's classes was full. We. Will. Dance. Like Shakira.

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sam dijo...

"I can dance like Shakira Uncle Chris"

"Oh, I bet you can Kelsey.."

"Uncle Chris. My hips don't lie."




lets set up a webcam chat!!

love you!