30 octubre 2006

Día de Solamente Español

Hoy día debe ser "Día de Solamente Español" con yo y la Freja, pero ella no estaba en colegio. ¡Que fome!
Today....was supposed to be Only Spanish Day, but Freja wasn't in school. So..it wasn't. Tomorrow is! yay!
School was ultra fome today.
Got an assignment I absolutely DO NOT understand one eensy teensy weensy little bit in linguaje. Oh boy! Something about a story I've never read. And I have to write a science fiction short story. Which, you know, wouldn't be a problem if only I knew how to write science fiction and a short story. I can't write short stories. It's just not my thing. My story plots are far too complex for short stories. Blegh. haha, I love how I'm not at all concerned about the Spanish part(for serious, it's way easy to write in Spanish), but the short story part. Oh, Kelsey.....
I got my money today!!!!!! Finally...because I was down to $650 pesos....and just for reference, one US dollar is worth roughly $536 Chilean pesos. ¡Que malo! Ya po, yo sé..... But now I have my $35.000 and I'm ready to party mañana. And send some letters. ¡Por fin!
Apparently...my host mom called up my counselor last night and fought with him about how I didn't have my money. Which would explain why he came today as opposed to tomorrow or Wednesday or whenever he said he'd come. Oh well. No importa. As long as I'm not poor anymore.
Tomorrow is Halloween!! I'm not sure how I feel about this....my first holiday away from home....ayyy. Mamá bought some candy. Woot! Paula from bellydancing called today about tomorrow night...and we talked...IN SPANISH! I'm so excited. I have real Chilean friends now. My classmates are cool....but they're really hard to make friends with. And Paula and Paloma, I've known for two bellydancing classes, and talked to for maybe 20 minutes total, and we're already doing stuff together. I love them. hehe. Mamá's excited too. I think she was worried that I had the social plague or something. Sorry mamá.....
anyhoo. All is well here. I've decided to teach myself the guitar because it will give me something productive to do, besides practice the piano and belly dance in my room. Which, while they're fun activities, just aren't doing it for me.
Oh, had music today. ALONE. I was scared, but it turned out fine. He kept like, leaning over me though, when I was trying to play, telling me to play Fur Elise. I told him I don't like to play for people, but he just stood there. I played once he moved away though. And Gymnopedie #1 too, he likes that song. I don't think he got it though....even though when he'd come back and tower over me, I'd stop, but start once he moved away. I don't play the piano for people, I play the piano for ME. Thankyouverymuch creepy music teacher.
Ah, well.
P.S. Rhode Islanders: You are now two hours behind me. Just thought I'd let you know.
Chao for now, pescado!

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