28 octubre 2006

My Hips Don't Lie.

So....it's the weekend. Rejoice!
Yesterday, Jenny, the girl from Finland, came to school with Freja because, well, she felt like it. It was exciting. Kind of weird with the three of us, and at times I felt kind of awkward, but at times so did Jenny, because Freja and I have our own jokes. And also, she didn't really understand why we were so excited about the song "I'm Too Sexy"(it's like, our theme song. We have our own version. It's exciting!). Anyhoo. School was okay. Band practice afterwards, I have a ridiculously easy part on the keyboard, it's a bit disappointing. For anyone who's interested, we're playing "Sálvame" by RBD, it's a good song.
After school, came home, ate a sandwich(cheese and ketchup. YUM), changed and was off to belly dancing. Took a colectivo, and attempted to find Freja, but apparently, the colectivos drop us off in different places, so our plan to meet up "where the colectivos drop you off" was foiled a bit. But we found each other and got to class about 30 minutes late. Oops. They were still stretching though, so it was all good.
Class was fun, better than last time. We learned a little routine thing, it was exciting. And after class, we exchanged numbers with two girls in the class, Paula and Paloma. Yay friends! Paloma walked with us to where we were taking a colectivo afterwards too. She went to Ireland for a semester, so she speaks pretty good English. And has a Claddagh ring, yes! No one here understands what mine means, jaja. And Paula is selling tickets to a party at Sundance(a disco) this Tuesday....so that means Freja and I are def. going. yay party!
Took a colectivo home with Freja. Her entire host family was gone, so she was spending the night at my house. It was a good time. And, turns out my family made pesto!!! yaaaay pesto!
We started watching Stomp but passed out. Somehow my lights and TV got turned off, and I ended up in my bed, but I'm not sure how. Ohhh well.
And now....I'm sitting here. Doing nada. Hopefullyhopefully going out later with Freja, Jenny, Alyssa(Canada), Maureen(US), and Brooke(US, with AFS) later tonight. wooohoo!
and....that's all.
chao pescado!

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