05 octubre 2006

Oh, today.
A nothing day. Much like every other day. In gym, I was practicing rolling my r's(my tongue's slightly physically challenged) and it worked! I'm getting better and can almostalmostalmost do it right! yessss! It was exciting.
Talked to my gym teacher too. Freja and I are going to play futbol. Er, soccer. yesss! Neither of us have played on a team, so we figured it'd be perfect. We both wanted to do something different. My school used to have a field hockey team(I was SO pumped to join!) but not anymore due to lack of interest. Grrr.
I learned some Danish today with Freja, which is exciting, just minus the pronunciations. Danish...is a pretty really hard language. But now I can say this:
Hej! Jeg hedder Kelsey. Jeg er 16 aar. Og kommer fra USA, eller naermere staten Rhode Island. For tiden er jeg her i Chile, some udvekslingsstudent. Which is essentially, hi, my name's Kelsey, I'm 16. I'm from the US, more specifically, RI. Right now I'm in Chile as an exchange student. Yes! And I can do the whole, How are you? thing too. Exciting. I'm pretty sure I'll be fluent soon, hahahaha
Oh well.
Other than that...nothing exciting. My crazy school principal again avoided the meeting with Freja and I. yay. That's the one thing I hate about Chile. If you say you're going to do something, do it, and when you said you would! ARGH. I also almost finished some linguaje work, which is fairly amazing considering it's wicked dificil. Freja and I were exhausted and collapsed on the table in the library by the time we finished. But...it happens.
Pictures. Of the emus. Are coming. Also, this weekend, I'm going back to the creepy guys house for asado part deux, but with Freja, Jenny, and Maureen. Yay!
Oh. And tomorrow is my two month anniversary of being in La Serena and with my host family. Rejoice!

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