23 octubre 2006

Don't worry, I'm still alive

So....I've been gone for a bit. BUT! I'm still alive! woot!
Well....Friday was Día del Profesor, which is basically teachers' day. Thursday there was some ceremony thing for it....i think Chilean's will find any excuse to eat cake(but I'm not complaining!). Everyone brought in food, and my class and the head teacher and the inspector general ate it all. yummm. Freja and I felt it was useless to stay in school, but of course, it was the one day that they were cracking down on skipping school, so we stayed and taught an English class. I wasn't hit on this time, jaja(oh, did I mention that last time I was hit on by a ten year old? Um, awkward). So we taught and then left when we had gym, because a group of younger kids were leaving so we blend in, jaja. Ohhh well. I don't think anyone at all stayed for gym anyway. Thursday night I went out with Mauricio and some of his friends, we went to Barrio Ingles, but didn't stay for too long, so we went to some person's house for a party. 'Twas fun. I didn't even feel awkward being wicked young, and talked to some girl.
Friday...slept in. Did...pretty much nothing. Went to my first belly dancing class...which was somewhat frustrating, with all these crazy hippy Latin girls who had taken a class before. But...whatevvvv..I'll be the next Shakira in no time. Stayed home and watched TV with Mauricio and Ignacio Friday night while my host parents went out.
Saturday.....I don't think I did anything during the day....slept maybe? Went out that night with Mauricio and his friends again. We went to el centro, to a pub. I thought they wouldn't let me in at first, but they only glanced at my ID, and I look older, so I was fine. It was a good time. Everyone thought I was 20, haha. I spotted a group of gringos(I have a gringo radar) and talked to two of them. All but one were from Minnesota(the other was from Wisconsin), and the girl from Wisconsin went to Bolivia with Rotary, so we talked about that, and Chilean slang...it was a good time, minus being slightly hit on by waiters, but....that happens. It got the guys at my table another beer after they stopped selling them, so whatever.
Sunday....fome. Stayed home...slept. I didn't get to bed until 7 am, so I guess that's why.
Monday....hoy día! Was pretty fome, I'd say. Had my first real test...not too sure how it went. Found out that I've been recruited as the keyboard player for a band type thing and will be playing in front of the entire school in late November. Freja's on drums, which is funny because she didn't start playing until today. jaja, exchange students....we just do what we want. Oh well.
and now..I'm here. Mauricio's leaving tonight, which kind of sucks cuz he's nice and what not, and I like having someone to talk to(not that I can't talk to my host parents, but..you know what I mean). And tomorrow...my host grandparents will arrive from Calama! Rejoice! I'm not sure for how long though.
and...that's all.
I'm sorry this was a slightly boring update...but...it's been awhile...so I just kind of said what I did. oops.
Oh! and on Wednesday...I went on a trip to the university of La Serena and Freja and I talked to an Australian! It was amazing! And his accent....gahhh jaja
and that.
is all.

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