15 octubre 2006

GIANT Temblooooorrrr!!!

Oh, today.
Went to lunch with my counselor at his house. His wife is part Arabic, so we had Arabian food. I'm fairly certain that one of the meat things was NOT cooked....that's what I was getting from the description and how it looked, but I figured if they could eat it and not get sick, then so could I. So i did. It was quite good. I also tried some weird plant thing....not so good. Oh well.
Talked with his son. It was slightly awkward due to language gaps and me being generally shy when I speak Spanish. Def. have to work on that....
Then we went to the mall to get a card for someone who just gave birth to a baby. While in the mall though....I don't know. I didn't feel quite so foreign. And I don't think i got so many stares, although, maybe I just didn't notice as much.
Then, we went to the woman's house, which is a street down from me, and the same exact layout as my house....which was kind of weird for me, seeing everything the same, minus the things in the house. The baby was adorable, and way tiny! Afterwards, they asked if I wanted to go to a funeral with them, which I said no to. They were dressed in jeans, which I guess is the norm here....don't think I'll ever get used to that....
Came home to find it was only Ignacio, Janet(she comes every Friday, and I guess babysits too...?) and me. So...I was on the computer, just chilling. And like, 10 minutes ago, I hear this GIANT rumbling sound, and all of a sudden, everything's shaking....I was talking with Freja on MSN, so I just said, TEMBLOR!!! And ran out of the room to where Janet and Ignacio were....omg, so freaky to feel the entire house moving as you run...I get to the room, and can see the walls moving, and a picture on the wall shaking back and forth, omgggg it was hardcore weird, and slightly scary but only for a minute. Whatevvvv I still love it here, crazy frequent earthquakes and all. Every time I feel like something might be shaking, I stop what I'm doing and think, "Temblor?"...jaja. Someone said there's an earthquake(or three?) every day, but you can't usually feel them. I wonder how long it'll be before Chile becomes an island.....?
Anyhoo. My weekend's been good. Went out Friday with Freja, Diego, and Alejandro. We went out to a disco, which was a good time. Took a radio taxi home at like, 3 am. Def. some good times, haha. And then Saturday....I SLEPT. Mucho. But....the clocks have been moved forward an hour...so that kind of sucks. Also...not sure my phone will change, so I should have an interesting time mañana, trying to get up. Anyhoo.

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mom dijo...

Kelsey - google the earthquate in Chile and you will see that the epicenter was only about 60 miles from you! Also, 7 people died - OK, I'll try not to freak. Let's hope this is the last big one. Hawaii also had a big quake - 6.8 on the richter scale.
I'm happy to see that you are trying different foods. Love you! MOM