29 octubre 2006


So. Last night. We made plans at about....10. Yay Chilean lifestyle!
The plan was....go to Brooke's house for the night, the 6 of us, after going to Barrio Ingles. And...something about a German. I don't really know.
Got to Jenny's house to wait for Brooke. Turns out, her boyfriend was in a car accident awhile back...something about 1% chance of living, bones from his head in his leg...? well, his leg started bleeding badly, so they were bringing him to the hospital, and she wouldn't be able to make it. So we changed the plans to....crash at Freja's house instead.
Two guys showed up to take us out. I'm not sure how any of us knew them, I asked who they were, but no one could answer me. I think Jenny knew them though, because her parents were fine with them and such. Anyway. The Chilean guy's name was Roberto, and the German guy's name was Philipe. O algo así. Anyway. We went out to Barrio Ingles to attempt to get into a disco. There were seven of us all together, 4 of us were under the age of 18. Oops. We were followed by a homeless man for a bit, who saw that we were foreigners and used the only English he knew: "Give me money" and "Where from?", which he would use while pointing at us. We ignored him, and kept our hands in our pockets to avoid getting robbed. Yay Barrio Ingles!
We went to a place called Camelot, and got in without showing our I.D. Score! Made plans to meet up again at 3:30 and off we went. It was a good time. Jenny danced on the stage with the DJ(he spotted her, she's hardcore blonde, and pulled her up. Apparently it happens a lot). I had a good time, and we got back to Freja's house exactly at four. Yay making curfew!
We hung out and ate cereal, and yogurt with cereal, and talked and such before we all passed out in the beds. Woke up at like...10 ish? And now...I'm here.
And oh. so. tired. Oh well. I'll sleep after lunch.
Still don't have my allowance, but talked to my counselor and will get it Wed. afternoon. I just have to get to an ATM sometime tomorrow....because right nowI have somewhere around $750 pesos to my name. oops.
Tomorrow...school. Tuesday....school then party at a disco. I might be going to the event that's 16+, or I might be trying to get in another disco in Barrio Ingles with Jenny. We'll see. Then...Wednesday, no school. Freja and I will be eating Halloween candy and watching scary movies. yes! And then school, and then, I don't know.Apparently....class trip this weekend? I don't really know. We'll see.
Also. I thinkthinkthink I'm going to build up the courage to try and get my hair cut soon. Ahhh! Scary!
Vamos a ver....

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