31 agosto 2006

More pictures have been uploaded!

So. As you can see, I took my camera to school today(that´s me with Christian, by the way). Today....was a wasted day. I got to school, only to find out from Freja(who found out from someone else) that we really didn´t even have to be there. The rest of the 3º medio kids were taking tests. All day. And....we weren´t. So we wandered into the library, stayed there for a little over an hour, and wandered back outside. I took some pictures. Freja layed in the grass. A janitor took a picture of me with Freja in the little courtyard thing. Absolutely nothing of interest. We talked, a lot. It was a good(but painfully boring) time. We talked with Christian and Rodrigo when they finished with their tests. And then. We discovered. A door. On the basketball court. We were looking at the mountains, when I mentioned how incredibly easy it would be to escape. All of a sudden I hear a tumbling sound, look, and there´s Freja, sitting in the grass on the other side of the wall. I, of course, documented this. She made friends with a horse, feeding it grass and petting it. And I watched. Okay, so I escaped from the school too, but only momentarily. I figured it would be safer if someone stood watch for the inspector general guy. But no one came. This school is so laid back...haha, I love it. So Freja was outside for a bit, while I stood watch and took in the scenery(I believe the exact quote from Freja is "It´s like escaping from a prison!"). She came back in, safe and sound, and we talked with two cuarto boys, Nicholas and Alejandro about whether we should run away legally or illegally. We decided on legally, figuring that we´d probably stand out in our uniforms and be caught before we could hit the main road. Oh well.
We hung around some more. Took more pictures. Went to biology class with the cuarto kids(where we did some more nothing), and then called my host mom to have her pick us up after lunch. We left school at about 2.
When we got to my house we went on a walk around the neighborhood, the first I´ve been on since I´ve been here. It was really nice....really pretty, really cool. But I didn´t take any pictures. Now that I know that I even can go on walks, I´ll go on some more, and make sure to have my camera with me.
We came back home and watched some TV. We watched the Motorcyle Diaries, and danced to Atrevete-te on the radio(def. one of the best reggaeton songs ever). Ignacio came in the room and played magnetic darts with me. It was a good time.
Today was actually a pretty good day, even though I didn´t do much of anything. Freja and I got to talk, a lot, and we got to know each other better. We talked about wanting to see all the countries in South America, our country choices other than Chile(we have pretty much the same ones), and how we could manage to see the desert. (we´ll find a way). Not bad.
And plus. I have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. They should be all loaded onto Yahoo tonight, but I can´t promise anything since when it comes to loading picturse online, this computer is pretty slow.I'll finish it mañana!
I did however, get a poquito sunburned on my face. Oops. I really wasn´t outside for too long, either. I guess they were right at the orientation....the sun seems to be stronger here. Oh, and I found out that my host mom has been asking people who work at the school if I´ve been eating all my lunch(slightly creepy, but explains the looks I´ve been getting from the lunch staff, and why it feels like they´re watching me....because they are).
Love and miss you all!!!!!!

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