19 agosto 2006

So....I´m updating. Again. Oh well.

I´ve given it much thought, and have officially decided that I am sick. Atleast, I think I am. I´m kind of all snuffly and tired and coughing a lot. I´m kind of wicked glad I got another inhaler before I left, because I´ve been using it every 4-6 hours like the box tells me too. It´s a little bit dificil for me to breathe. ho hum. Everytime I cough my host mom gasps and says something in Spanish. I think earlier my host dad told her that she got me sick, jaja. Then he said it was because of "mucho carrete".
So I guess it´s a good thing I´m not doing anything tonight. I think I just need to sleep.
ho hum.
The radio....is playing all English songs. The radio is always on here, I´m not quite sure why. I think that things would be easier if it wasn´t. Everyone´s always yelling because my host brother doesn´t have ears(for serious). But if the radio wasn´t on constantly....maybe they wouldn´t have to be so loud...?
Gabi leaves Thursday. Which is sad. My host parents and brother are going to Santiago to send her off. I have to go to school. Grrr. I kind of wanted to go to say goodbye, but...whatever. School works too I suppose.
Anyhoo. I think I´m going to go to bed soon. When I can. Can you believe that it´s now midnight(the clock says 0:04 because they do the 24 hour thing here), and my host family is stil awake?? Gabi´s out with Christian, they went to the Casino. Everyone else is playing cards in the kitchen.
Things here are very different. Everyone´s up until the crack of dawn. And the house is immaculate. I think that´s why it´s taking so long for this to feel like home. Or because I haven´t been here that long, but still. I´m used to things in the house. Papers on desks. Books out. Shoes or something on the floor somewhere. Magazines and newspapers on the table. A blanket on the couch. Some kind of sign that people are living there. This house here feels like they´ve just moved in. Minus the art on the walls, nothing is on display here. There are a few framed pictures of my host siblings here and there, and the picture I gave them. But nothing really. Like, in my house in the States, there´s art work hanging, report cards, loads of family pictures, meaninful little knick knacks here and there. Here, nothing. It´s just.....different.
Anyway. I´m off.
un besito
love you all

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JAKE dijo...


i hope you feel better!!
(not that im a doctor or anything...but you might just be sick from all the stress....you know....yea...yea im not a doctor...haha)