29 agosto 2006

¡Terrimoto! ¡Earthquake!

Today.....was a good day. I woke up about 20 minutes late....which kind of sucked, and I was convinced that it would be a bad day....but decided to change my mind. It rained today! But only for a total of about 10 minutes. Nothing of much interest happened until religion class. We had a paper ball fight which moved outside, and partially into another classroom. Oops. The teacher didn´t even attempt to stop us....and I took part in it somewhat. But it was fun. And, when in Rome.....
Then we had C. Classe, which is bascially when the class just talks about what needs to be done, like student council. One boy tried to stand on a piece of soap, and fell....that was funny. And then Rodrigo started making little movies on his cell phone. So I helped out...I was a dead person in a pile of people in one part, and a blonde version of the girl from The Ring in another. Then at the end of the class, they actually started doing something. I guess my class needs or wants a new president, so a boy, Raul, was writing four names of candidates on the board. And my name was written first. The whole class started clapping and chanting "Kelsey! Kelsey!"...it was quite entertaining, especially since I had no idea what was going on. And then....I had to get up in front of the class and make a speech. Raul was wicked nice and told me what to say. All I said was, "I would like to be the president of this class." But in Spanish. We ran out of time, so no one got to vote....but I´ll let you know how it turns out, haha.
Then in language class, we went to the library. I had my own version of the assignment, which was looking up and writing the definitions of 16 words. But at least I had something to do. And then, in the middle....there was an earthquake!! A small one....I heard a rumble sound(I was listening to my iPod), but my feet weren´t really on the floor...so I didn´t feel it. But everyone just kind of went "Oh!" and continued what they were doing. It was a little earthquake....but pretty cool. They´re so common here that no one really pays attention unless it´s a big earthquake.
After school I went and bought the rest of my uniform. A sweater, three polos, 3 pairs of socks, a skirt, and shoes. Of course the shoes took forever...figuring out my size(39) and then getting a pair that fits comfortably with my freakishly awkward feet. Try explaining wicked wide and high instep in Spanish. Without a dictionary. I got money out of an ATM, but only on the third try....the first two machines said my card was invalid for that service. Go figure. Dropped off my skirt to be cut and hemmed because it went waaaay past my knees. So I think I´ll be able to wear it on Friday. yay!
....and that´s all. I talked more, I understood more, and I actually had a lot of fun in school. A good day. yay!
Love and miss you all!
P.S. If you´re reading this...please comment. I do like to know who´s reading...and comments make me smile!

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Mom dijo...

You didn't mention the earthquate when we talked! Your day sounded real fun - I hope you get elected. wouldn't that be so cool. Love you! Mom

JAKE dijo...


let's elect the new girl that doesnt speak our language to be president.

i love your class.


and i want to nominate raul to be the next us president. it just seems right.

Jessa dijo...

Hey Kelsey :)
I drop by every now and then to live vicariously through you ...
(What I wouldn't give to be in South America right now hahahaha).
Good luck in the elections lol!!

sam dijo...

heeeyy love :)

i adore you and your chilean tales.

.. you? president? of a class you don't speak the language of? haha.. go for it :) that'd be awesome!!

anyways, bed.. school tomorrow and then a three day weekend.. i love you and miss you to death!! SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS YOU CRAZY CHILEAN!

haha.. love yoU :)


Anónimo dijo...

Hey Kelsey,
It is Shayna. I am reading your blog...well not lately cuz my internet isn´t working but I am now..at school. Anyway I am glad you are enjoying yourself.
Talk to me sometime on MSN ok?