24 agosto 2006

Another fairly useless day at school. No Freja, so it was kind of lonely too. Gabi left this morning...it was sad to say goodbye. But surprisingly, no one in the family seemed sad. My abuela took pictures of it all, lol. And then Ignacio, my host parents, and Gabi left for Santiago.
So I wasn´t exactly in the best mood during school. Gabi leaving made me think about when I left, which made me a little homesick. And then...I was saved by art. My art teacher just lets us wander around the school, sit where we feel like, and draw what we want. So I pulled out my iPod and drew. I drew my hand, the sculpture of the Italian guy that my school´s named for, and the view in front of me. And then I wrote a little bit too. And I felt so much better.....I was fine the rest of the day. So I´ve decided to bring my sketchbook everywhere now, jaja. And my art teacher seemed to like my drawings too!
My math class took a test, so I sat and read some book my teacher told me to read. It was about some guy who solves math problems I think. I could pretty much understand it, and I only had to read about three pages. So I was kind of bored. History, we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Language elective we watched part of the Devil´s Advocate. And gym...the teacher was on a trip with all the athletes to Argentina, so we got to do whatever we wanted. I went to the store and got a lollipop and some chocolatey candy thing. Freja and I are slowly trying all the snack food here, in search of something good. So far I really like these weird cookie things, and the lollipops, which cost $50. The lable says they´re yogurt flavored....but it´s not as weird or gross as it sounds.
Then all the boys played fútbol and all the girls watched. I really like watching the boys in my class play soccer....they´re so good at it. It´s not like boys in the U.S...like, these boys are really good. And it´s better than sitting with all the girls, because I can´t understand much of what they´re saying, although lately it´s been getting better.
Still no break in the weather here.....it´s SO COLD. And it looks like it´s going to rain. Not cool.
I think I´m going to try and upload my pictures today! But it´s only pictures from the orientation and of the house...I haven´t brought my camera to school yet, because it hasn´t been good weather...and I want to take pictures of the view.
Love and miss you all!!!!
This is me with Simon, the boy from Denmark:

Me with the Canadian boy, Jules. Um....it was late, jaja

Me, Maureen(she´s in La Serena too!), and half of Sierra in the Santiago Airport

As you can see, Santiago´s a busy place.

My wall!!!

...My bed. Being really messy.

I have some more pictures(obviously)...but I don´t think I should just post all of them on here.....because that would be a lot. So....I´m going to be making a site to post my pictures on. Like, a photobucket or something....and I´ll post the link in here when it´s all set!

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Britt dijo...

ohhh my kelsey, i love the pictures!!
they made me really miss you. then i started crying, but its okay. i start school on wednesday, im really scared...i dont wanna mess up like i did last year.
take care mi amor.
love youuu