25 agosto 2006

I have been in Chile for exactly three weeks today. It doesn´t seem like it´s been that long at all. I realized that dad, you´re right. While Gabi being gone is sad....it´s only going to help my Spanish. My host parents and Ignacio are still gone, supposed to be coming home tonight I think. So last night, I had cena with just my abuelos. Neither of whom speak English. It was quite confusing...but we agreed on one thing. We can´t wait until I speak better Spanish so that we can actually talk.
Today in school, no Freja again, so I was kind of lonely, but it was okay. I didn´t do anything major in any of my classes....which is getting to be a common thing here. In chemistry, there was a big scandel. A boy, Salvador, was told to leave the room by the teacher, and on his way out he said something along the lines of, "Atleast I don´t look up the skirts of the girls.". He left the classroom and booked it, while the teacher ran out after him. But no one could find him(he did appear later on, in the lunch room). Everyone in the class couldn´t believe that he actually said it, but everyone knows that it´s pretty much true about that teacher.
And then later on, two boys in my class grabbed a hose that was water one of the (palm!)trees, and brought along the back of the building, and stuck it through the window of a class room. It sat there for awhile, since it was only my grade that was left in school. And then they burned some leaves or something that they had found. They´re pretty out of control here....but it´s entertaining.
During art I did nothing, as usual. I talked with Rodrigo and showed him the pictures on my iPod, which he was actually really interested in. He said the pictures made me seem more wild, and that in Chile I was shy. Which I guess is true. I´m a lot quieter here, but I don´t know if it´s just because I don´t know the language...which is a good possibility.
My abuelo picked me up from school and we went home and had almuerzo with my abuela and Janet,who I think is the maid. She comes every Friday and does laundry and the dishes and vacuums and whatnot. And she has lunch with us too, which I think is really nice. I´ve never heard of that happening anywhere before. I had lunch here too because I didn´t like the one at school...it was some giant hotdog thing(over a foot long at least, portions here are giant) with tomatoes(maybe) and some Chilean...food thing, that´s green and not too good. Everyone eats it here on bread...but it kind of creeps me out....so I don´t, jaja.
And tonight...there´s a party at this boy, Martín´s house, but I don´t know if I can go. It´s for another boy, Christian´s birthday, but I don´t know where Martíns´s house is, or how I´d get there and back. Things here are so last minute...and I never get any information. I might also be going to a Rotary meeting...but I don´t know. If not...I´m fine with just staying home and chilling tonight. Although I would like to spend more time with my class, even if most of them don´t speak English. That´s the really surprising thing about school here, everyone´s friends. There´s about 40 people total in 3ºmedio, about 20 in each class. And they all hang out, and talk during and after school. It´s different from the US, but I like it.
anyhoo. ¡Un besito!
I love and miss you all!

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JAKE dijo...

hahaha thats fantasmic
last year in my science class
this kid mark
who later od-ed on e
(teachers here tell the trash kids theyre trash, haha, and the trash kids tell the teachers theyre trash. its a system thats seemed to work.)
but that kid. when they were going at it
"yea but im gonna be the one banging your wife tonight mr elenbaas"
and i think my, and my entire classes heart just stopped and exploded and we all ducked under the table laughing our asses off while mark left. hahahahaha