11 agosto 2006

My host mom woke me up. With a bowl full of Trix. Breakfast in bed....ay dios mio! jaja it was kind of weird.
Then.....school. We had English first, and I was really excited because, obviously, I speak English. But...it was a nothing class. They´re doing yet another somethingorother about their trip to Italy. Italian....was a joke. I don´t think we did anything in that class either. The teacher really had no control over the class at all.
Math. It was horrible. He wrote some problems on the board, and clearly this math class was more advanced than anything I´ve ever taken. I had no idea what was going on, and everything was in Spanish. The teacher realized I didn´t know what was going on, and tried to explain it to me, but I didn´t get it. I just kind of nodded and sat there the whole class, trying to think of anything I had ever learned that was remotely like what was on my paper. I couldn´t. He collected work from the other students, but not me. I think he understands that I don´t understand. Which is nice.
Chemistry. Well. I had been warned about this teacher from several girls because apparently, he takes an interest in girls in the class. I sat in the back of the room with two boys who are sooo nice and quite entertaining. I could almost understand what he was talking about, but not really. He came over to me and asked me questions about who I was, and told some kid that ventana means window in English. It was really strange. I don´t like him. By the end of the class I realized that we´re doing stuff I learned Freshman year....if I only I could remember it. I kind of do, but not really. oops.
Art. Art as my elective, we drew what she put in the front of the room. You don´t even have to try here, it´s kind of sad. Art as a class, I thinkthinkthink he wanted us to draw some block thing....but I didn´t. I sat with a group of kids and we listened to music and played games like Tic Tac Toe and Hangman in English and Spanish. It was sooooo much fun. And today we got out at 3.15!! yay! And I don´t have school until Wednesday. Some holiday or something.
When I first got here, I was told about a Rotary meeting tonight. But no one has said anything to me about it....and I don´t really know what´s going on, so I guess I´m not going to it. I guess there´s always next week....? I think that´s better though, because hopefully my Spanish will be better by then anyways.
So tonight.....I´m not doing anything I guess. Watching TV? No sè. But tomorrow I think I´m going out with Gabi and her friends....and I think we´re going camping at a beach on Sunday....? Sounds like fun.
So. Yeah. that was my day. Exciting, huh?
Love and miss you all!!

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JAKE dijo...

that actually does sound exciting. haha, damnit portugal, why arent you exciting me yet?!?

(ps. im making it my life goal to comment on all of these. lol)

sam dijo...

haha.. i'm running out of sappy things to say..

reply to my emails you crazy chilean!

i love you!!

mom dijo...

Breakfast in bed! Don't get too used to the idea. And they say Americans are spoiled!!!

Britt dijo...

ahahha kelsey sounds like fun.
hmm i wish i got breakfast in bed!!
love youuuuuu

Mariahs parents dijo...

Hi Kelsey!!!!
Remember us?????We heard you were in Chile and immediately called your mom and dad. Good for you!!!
OK Mariah is now singing the SELC song....sad I know, but we just had a flashback....anyway, it was wonderful talking with your parents, and even greater that we can send you our best wishes for your awesome adventure!!Buenos noches senorita Kelsey! Love the Delleas....


Hay Kels sorry i havent writen by i have been keeping on readding, iv been trying to figure out this dam blog thing its so confussing you know me and technology...dont think i spelt that right but what else is new lol...so yeah chile sounds awazing and different i miss you tho and school sounds kool!! i hope your doing ok w. your family and boys and school lol dont do anything i wouldnt do!! lol i miss you your crazy chilean slut! lol i love how your class cant say your name i got a kick out of that and my family and every one says hi and they miss you...i alreaddy have a care package for you lol!!! i bought you some stuff i just gotta get the address from your parents miss you hun!!
love love love!!

Britt dijo...

is there a reason why you have not posted in like 300 years?!
im going crazy!!!!
i just realized, the time you wrote this blog, is 5:11 pm...how awesome is that!!
i miss you like crazy.

Sara Gallagher dijo...

I miss you terribly, my special friend. Haven't you been picked up by a spanish soap opera yet?? Don't you dare fall in love with any Chilean boys, you are going to be my niece in law!