26 agosto 2006

So....I think it finally hit me today. I know I´ve been here for 3 weeks and all, but it still hadn´t hit me that I´m actually in Chile.
Today...I´ve been alone with my host grandparents. And after lunch, they were going to the supermarcado to buy bread, so I tagged along. And I got some school stuff, three notebooks, pens, pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener for a little over $3.000, which isn´t bad at all, I don´t think.
Then, we went to Coquimbo. The only words that I can think of to describe it is Oh my God. Just....seeing La Serena across the water....and Coquimbo, with the giant cross, and the houses all up the hill, and the mountains, and the boats. It was just....wow. We went to a place called Barrio Ingles. It was the coolest thing ever...these old buildings that for some reason made me think of Europe, and palm trees. That´s when it hit me that I´m actually here. I wish I had brought my camera.....but I didn´t know that we would be going to Coquimbo. I do plan on going back with Freja and maybe Jenny though, and I´ll most definatly take my camera. I had heard from a Chilean that Coquimbo was kind of dumpy, but the place we went today wasn´t at all...not even close. It was sooo cool.
Then I got to see where my host mom used to live. I love just driving around here and seeing everything...it´s so different. The little farms, and the graffiti. Ahh I love the graffiti here. It´s not like the US....I see a lot of Swastikas crossed out, and political stuff about war. President names, and stuff about music. I mean, there are some useless tags here and there, but a lot of it is more meaningful. It´s really cool.
I love and miss you all!!!!!!!
Barrio Ingles....I did not take these pictures!!!
The Cross:

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