21 agosto 2006

Today...fue aburrido. muy aburrido. School. I had to take a Spanish test. Even though I didn´t know what I was doing. But my teacher said I could take it home and try and finish. I still don´t know what most of it means though.
Today a boy in my class lit a marker on fire and let it burn on the steps outside our classroom. And the guy who should have been doing something about it....just said, "No". And then came over and watched it burn too!! It was really weird. That never would have happened in the U.S. And then there was a shoe on the roof...and someone was knocking it down. With a shovel.
Quite different.
Oh, and dad. Today there was a special....thing. I can´t remember the English word, ceremony maybe? because yesterday was apparently Bernard O´Higgin´s birthday. But...I missed it because I was in English class. The rest of the school was there though...and apparently they had all the exchange students go up. oh well.
Gabi´s pretty much packed now.

It´ll be weird without her.
I´m trying not to think of it.
Freja´s going to Santiago with her family.
So I´ll be alone on Thursday.
oh well.
I´m feeling a lot better now.
Not coughing as much. And I can breathe fine too.
love. and miss you all!!

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