28 agosto 2006

Slightly Interesting Day

Oh, today. Not much happened today. I did, however, buy a lollipop and some candy thing ON MY OWN! In Spanish! Go me!
This morning I was attacked by stomach cramps or something of the sort. I usually don´t sleep right through the night anymore....I usually wake up anywhere from 2-5 in the morning, check the time on my cell, and go back to sleep, and I´m a wicked light sleeper now. Well today I woke up at about 4.30 am feeling sick, was up for maybe 15 minutes and went back to sleep. I thought I hear the door open, and I turned and saw the door opened and someone standing there, so I turned back on my stomach and tried going back to sleep, thinking it was my host mom who had heard me or something. Then I thought "eh, whatever" and turned back over....but the door was closed. And I never heard it close. I don´t know if I was hallucinating or not....and I think I dreamt that I woke up on the bathroom floor and told my host mom I was sick. But I don´t know. All in all, it was a very confusing morning. But I felt fine by the time I went to school.
Math is still utterly confusing....I have no idea what´s going on in that class. I take notes in every class, but don´t understand what the teacher is saying. Well, sometimes I do, depending on the teacher and how fast they speak, but math....sometimes I think this guy is just making it up as he goes along....the signs he uses!!! Craziness!!!
We watched Pink Floyd the Wall in Filosofia. How it relates to philosophy....I don´t know. The teacher´s kind of a loony. He likes saying things like "Peace and love"(in English). And he looks like one of the Beatles. Quite strange. But nice. So he´s okay.
Today....I proved that I am in fact a doof. I was walking with Freja on one of the steps after lunch, and, okay, a little bit a lot distracted by the boys playing hacky sack with a soccer ball in the middle of the....courtyard area. And I stepped sideways, and then the next thing I know....
I´m falling down.
I mean, it was one tiny little step, but I fell completely to the ground.
In front of all the cuarto kids....which are all Gabi´s friends, and they know who I am.
But I was okay. I laughed with Freja, stood up, and couldn´t stop laughing for about ten minutes...and Freja and I exchanged stories about walking into things(I told her about my going away party incident). She once walked into a glass door too!!!
I think I had an allergic reaction to something or other yesterday....I had little bumps on the back of my hand, around my knuckle. I noticed them on my left hand and didn´t think anything of it, until my right hand started itching a few hours later, and there were the bumps. But when I woke up this morning, they were gone. And they stopped itching after about an hour. So I have no idea what happened. Maybe I ate something funny....
Pretty much....today has been confusing and slightly embarrassing. But okay. It´s back to being cloudy and cold though. Ho hum. What can ya do?
Love and miss you all!

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