16 agosto 2006

Today. School. Wasn´t too interesting I suppose. Abuelo brought me because my host mom´s sick.
Freja started school today!!! I was so happy to see her there.....it´s so nice not to be alone anymore...even if she is in the other class. We still have electives together, recreaziones or w/e they are, and lunch together. I was really happy.

My classes today consisted of mostly me sitting. In the back. Daydreaming or doodling or something of the sort. I don´t really understand what´s happening in my classes, and all but one of my teachers seem to care less about me, and don´t do anything to help me get settled or anything. I don´t even have any books. For anything. My linguaggio teacher(it´s a spanish class, basically) had me write a little introduction type thing, so she can see how much Spanish I actually know. And all I know about that class is that I need to get another notebook for only that class.
My lunch was huge. There was this pasta thing with beef, it was good...but I couldn´t finish it, it was a lot. Some weird papaya juice, bread(which I added, jaja), an apple, and some cereal thing. I don´t understand how Chileans eat so much!!! The kids at my school are always eating....it´s crazy!! Every break we have, they´re eating. And they constantly talk about how hungry they are. Craziness.
A boy in my class, Jobani, has named me L.C. People still have problems pronouncing my name....but there´s one boy, Rodrigo, who can say it perfectly, which is nice. Atleast there´s someone. He´s pretty funny, but kind of confusing. My type of sense of humor doesn´t really exist here....they don´t understand me a lot of the time, even when I´m not trying to joke around, which I´ve given up on doing. Some words translate badly. Like creepy. I said to someone ¨You´re creepy.¨But I think when it translated, it wasn´t the same kind of creepy that I had in mind. I guess it´s a US cultural thing.
I talked with a boy named Felipe today about the US. We talked about the difference in salaries in the US and Chile. He told me he hated all Americans, but then when on to explain that it wasn´t all Americans, just the government. I tried explaining the electoral college...but couldn´t. It´s hard to defend myself here...I never know what language to use. I just want to get across the point that I´m not a Bush lover, and that I am separate from the US government, you know?? Hopefully it´ll get easier as my language skills improve..although I´m understanding so much more each day. It´s just the responding part that trips me up.
Oh well.
Love and miss you all!

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JAKE dijo...

hahaha oh no!!! sicsone cuatro vida!!! just not this ano...

the misma cosa is gonna passar to me n da portu lol