22 agosto 2006

Today....was absolutely useless at school. Fisica was spent shooting soda bottles filled with water through the air. it was an experiment of some sort. You fill the bottle a little bit up with water, attach it to some hose that´s attached to a canister filled with air, and the air fills up the bottle, and bam! it goes flying. It was pretty cool. and the boys in my class liked it so much, that later on they stole a tire from somewhere and used the air in that to shoot off the bottles.
Religion class....my teacher didn´t show up until we had 10 minutes left of class, and then she didn´t even know which classroom it was. So we went to lunch early. But she said that next time we´re watching The DaVinci Code! And Rodrigo told me that it´s in subtitles....so I´ll be able to understand it! yessss!
After school, Gabi, my host mom, and I went out to get some last minute things for her. We went to Coquimbo too, which was pretty cool, but it was definatley not as nice as La Serena. And some creepy person was standing behind me in a store, and it was creepy. haha. I hate being blonde here sometimes, people just stare at you, in the rudest, creepiest ways. And it´s not very nice. I wish I knew how to tell them to just cut it out. But, alas....I don´t.
Gabi´s all packed. It´s going to be SO weird without her...and a lot harder. She always explains things for me. And if I really need it, she´ll tell me in English, although she hasn´t done that in a loooong time. No one else in my house here speaks English. And my host brother´s my age, but not really in a way. He´s actually a month older than me, but you´d never know it. But I already started making some friends, so I guess I´ll be okay. And Freja´s in the same position...her host sister leaves Thursday too. But she´s going to Santiago with them...I think they´re staying with family there.
Today....was really really cold. It´s been cloudy lately...it looks like it´s going to rain, and I always think that it´s going to, but I have yet to see any rain in Chile. And I´m pretty much in the desert here, so I don´t think it´ll happen any time soon. Oh well.
and....that´s all.
Pictures soon I think. I´m going to bring my camera to school and try and take some pictures. i don´t really have many right now. My house here has this fence type thing around it, totally blocking it in, and it´s all locked and whatnot, so it´s like once you´re in, you´re in. It´s so different...but I guess you have to be careful since it´s pretty much a city, right? Oh well.
un besito!
love and miss you all!

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Britt dijo...

i miss you :-(
i had something to remind you of that when i remembered i seriously died of laughter...but now i cant remember.
but while i was in the shower, shakira came on. and i like died of laughter because i remembered you running into the wall.
oh well, enough sap for this commnet.
i love you!!

p.s. its been two weeks, miracle.