19 agosto 2006

So, yesterday was Friday...thankfully! I got out of school at 3.15, and my abuelo brought Freja and me back to my house, with Gabi and Freja´s host sister, Lina. During school, Freja and I hung out with the cuarto kids a lot(the grade above us), and they told us that there was a surprise party for Lina and Gabi, because they´re leaving.
We went back to my house here, and Gabi and Lina finished some school work, then my host mom dropped off Lina, Freja, and I on some street while she took Gabi to get a vaccination or something. Then the three of us took a collectivo(taxi) to Lina and Freja´s house. Pretty soon Freja and I will have to take them alone....and I´ll have to take one alone at some point too!! Anyway. Freja changed out of her uniform, and we took another collectivo to the mall. Except it was just Freja and me, because Lina had a doctor´s appointment too. So Freja and I kind of wandered around aimlessly. We got some helado....it was sooo good. You choose what fruit you want, and they make it right in front of you! It´s really cool. I ended up buying a jacket too, which I needed really badly, haha. All I had been wearing was my sweatshirts, but I was still cold when we went out, and when we go to parties that are outside. So I got a jacket...it was $9.990, down from $29.990. When I first arrived in Chile, $1US equalled about $550 Chilean Pesos. I think things here are pretty cheap....but I still have some trouble with the math. But Freja and I were able to buy some weird Chilean candy, a pack of gum, and a thing of Mentos for only $580. Craziness.
anyway. Freja left the mall with Lina, and I left with Gabi and her boyfriend, Christian, who we met up with. Gabi´s friend Catarina came by our house for dinner, and we all got ready to go. Gabi thought we were going out to a disco....and we all played along, making sure we had IDs and money to enter with. haha, she was clueless!
The party was at Lina´s boyfriend´s house, Bruno. We pushed Gabi to the front of our little group, and she opened the door first...and all I could hear was SURPRISE! but in spanish. She was sooooo surprised, it was pretty funny. So yeah. I pretty much just hung out all night. There were two boys from my class there, Giovannia and Raul, so I talked to them. And I hung out with some girls I just met that night...but they never told me their name.
We left at about 2 am, and went to another boy´s house, Diego. He lives right on the beach, on the seventh floor of an apartment building....it´s such an awesome view. You can hear the waves crashing....it´s so nice. Diego and another boy, Lucho, tried to teach me to dance, haha. That was fun. and then.....we went home, and Catarina slept over. We got home five minutes late, at 4:05 am. But neither of my host parents said anything. Last time we went out, we got home almost 20 minutes late....and they didn´t say anything then either. I guess it´s a lot more relaxed here.
Anyway. sorry this isn´t very exciting..just letting you all know I´m okay(Brittany), jaja. I haven´t had much access to a computer lately...sorry.
I don´t know what I´m doing tonight yet, but most likely going out. Hopefully. I like going out a lot..it gives me something to do, and when I get back from being with other people, I feel like my language skills are better...which is so nice. People have started introducing me and saying that I understand Spanish, so that´s wicked nice. And I can almost understand everything my host family says, as long as I pay attention, which is hard sometimes.
Anyway. Chau!
love and miss you all!

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Britt dijo...

i missed you kelsey kristine.
i know, im pathetic, dont remind me though.
lots has happened, find someway to get in contact with me because i have A LOT to tell you.
i love youuu

JAKE dijo...


i like how you're all "estoy immersed" and im all "17 DAYS!!!"