08 agosto 2006

Today...we went to some place to get my Chilean I.D card, but the police people yesterday spelled my name Kesley, so we have to go back mañana, after it´s been fixed.

I felt sick today, but I was actually able to tell them that, which is good I suppose. But I ended up throwing up in the street outside the police station, which isn´t so good. They made me eat lunch though. Food seems to be really important, and I think I´m kind of really shocking to them, I´m never hungry. The first night and day, they were all really surprised, and I think a little worried because I didn´t eat everything on my plate. So I´ve started trying to do that, because I think I may be being rude, even though I´m really not hungry anymore.

Everyone here smokes, but they all smoke outside. The first night they were smoking outside, and Gabi wanted me to go outside with her, and my host mom was just like, ¨No! Ella tiene asma!¨jaja, so don´t worry, mom.

The house here is very clean...my host mom said she likes cleanliness and order. She had me unpack everything the second day, and my bags are all put away. She cleans everything, she told me that she would clean and iron my clothes too. It doesn´t seem like people do much around here, just her. Which is kind of strange....and I don´t know what to do with myself, especially with the language barrier. It´s kind of uncomfortable. But the language is getting better each day, I´m understanding a little bit more now.

I´ve been sleeping a lot....today I slept till 12, yesterday I slept till 2.30. I don´t know what they do for breakfast, since I miss it, but they eat lunch at like, 3/4 pm. And dinner is just some bread and tea at around 9. VERY different, but kind of cool.

I have a TV in my room too! I´ve been watching shows in English with Spanish subtitles, which I like because then I learn what means what in Spanish. The TVs here are alwasy on, it´s strange.

Anyway. I´ll try to update more later....we´re going to someones house, and I´ll get to see Freja I think(the girl from Denmark).
Love you all!

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Britt dijo...

call me pathetic, but i do believe that i read this about 5 times a day. im very happy that things are going good over there. and the sleeping till 12 doesnt shock me, you did that before you left lol.
ive been listening to shakira music 24/7 hoping that i will understand some of it and be able to tell you, but nothings coming. my email address is o0.britty.baby.0o@gmail.com please use it kelsey, i miss you so much.

Laura dijo...

Sounds strangely similar to Hungary, what with the tvs and food and whatnot..

But anyhoo, yeah, I slept sooo much during my exchange year.. It was really odd. But it's pretty normal, so don't worry about it.